Monday, October 24, 2011

20 Tips For Astral Projection

Merry Monday All!!

For quite awhile now, I have been practicing daily (even twice most days) meditation in hopes to finally experience leaving my body ie. OOBE (out of body experience) and eventually be able to master the skill of Astral Projection. 
 I have always known that we humans were meant to have abilities to help ourselves thrive and learn in this realm. Somewhere, somehow, these natural abilities were scrambled, not entirely erased, but scrambled and for most,  forgotten. Needing healing in most areas of my life, I decided to start remembering and mastering these skills and then in turn, teach others to use their hidden abilities.

I have written a couple times about the progress, but until now, didn't have a lot to share of my experience...or should I say lack of experience. Well all that has changed as I have gotten even closer to having an OOBE, I have felt my energy body detach and felt like I was sliding down a tube very didn't last very long, beings that it was a new experience, it was not abnormal for me to return to my body quickly. With more practise, I will be able to stay out of my body and to be able lead the experiences.

 I will tell you more of my experiences as the days go by, but for now, I wanted to share with you 20 tips that can help you on your way to having an OOBE and/or Astral Projection (the difference between the two, is this: OOBE is your ethereal/energy body leaving your physical body. Astral Projection is when after you are out of your physical body, you go visit different realms, times, places. You can go check out the Akashic records which are records of life, to help you with your current life's needs and struggles.

So keep checking in as I will be going deeper into OOBE/Astral Projection and how it can help you.....

I would also love to hear what you think about it and any experiences you have had.....


20 Tips For Astral Projection

1. Have patience. This is a new art that you are learning. It will take time.

2. Most people normally see some kind of results within 30 days.

3. Get rid of your fears. There is nothing to fear in the Astral world.

4. Do not get too stressed out when you do not get results right away. Enjoy the journey. There is a lot
 to learn along the way.

5. Read as much as you can about AP. watch videos and documentaries related to OOBE.

6. Do not let doubt set in. AP is very real. And you can do it too.

7. Like attracts Like. So practice in a good mood. You do not want to project to the lower Astral planes

8. Use affirmations to help you succeed at Astral Projection

9. Avoid practicing for more than 45 minutes at a stretch. You will feel mentally exhausted.

10. All AP symptoms are good signs. So do not panic or get excited. stay calm.

10. Always avoid any kind of drugs or herbs to achieve a projection.

12. Lucid dreams can be an easy gateway to AP.

13. Learn to focus. In the Astral world, focus is very important.

14. AP will help you in all areas of your life.

15. Progressive relaxation is very effective way to relax your body and mind.

16. when you are out, move away from your body Asap. This will prevent you from snapping back into your body.

17. once you are out, familiarize with your astral surroundings.

18. Always, always, always write down your experiences as soon as you are back
19. It you suffer from Astral blindness, move further away from your body.

20. while in the Astral, avoid invading the privacy of others.

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