Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Good Morning!

Tuesday has arrived and I am very excited  to say it is time for "Featured Artist Tuesday"!

Today's artist brings the word beautiful to unique wearable art...she has talent that I would like to posess someday...

So without further delay......(drumroll) I present.......

Anna Blair from DichroicGlassWorks!

I just love this bracelet she made!

I'm a retired High School art teacher, living in Fort Worth Texas, with a husband and two cats, Hyacinth and Nemesis (and a plethora of animals, raccoons, possums, armadillos, etc. outside that I feed.) 

I've been engaged in working with stained and fused glass the past seven years.  I took a fused glass class during art teacher inservice one year and returned to the craft after I retired.  I really enjoy working with glass! 

 I started with stained glass and created lots of windows and other projects before moving to fired glass. It's always fun to open the kiln after eight hours of cooling to see what the layers of glass have fused into.  I use dichroic glass as one of the layers and how it looks after it fuses with the stained glass layer nearly always creates surprises.

Some of the pieces I do are;

  • Fused dichroic glass necklaces with sterling chains
  • Fused dichroic glass bracelets with silver plate round links
  •  Fused glass purse hangers with stainless steel hardware
  • Soldered glass pendants with silver plated ball chains (Many to choose from, or will do custom photo pendants)

All work is handmade, done one at a time.  A piece of wearable art, hand crafted for the special person who appreciates craftmanship.

You can find Anna's creations at:

 www.ab2255.etsy.com ( free shipping sale )
   www.artfire.com/dichroicglassworks (Free Ship & 5% off)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Herbal Remedies For Extra Energy

Hello There!

As I see it, this is a time of the year when extra energy is a must! How about, instead of filling your body up with "energy drinks" that have alot of sugar, you read on and learn a few herbal remedies for a natural, no "crash" energy burst?


Herbal Remedies For Extra Energy

The hectic pace of modern life can leave you tired and run down. When you need more energy, ensure you're getting enough rest and have a wind-down period before you sleep so that you wake refreshed in the mornings. You can also look to the natural, stimulating properties of herbs to keep you motivated and positive.

Herbs can be useful for increasing your energy by stimulating both body and mind. Rosemary and lemon balm activate your mental processes and increase memory power. Tonics, such as ginseng treat the whole system and work best if used for short periods. Stimulating herbs such as sage, thyme and cinnamon help you to live to the full and enjoy total well-being.

Herbs for Extra Energy

Lemon Balm~The citrus-scented leaves of this plant are used for colds, insect bites and stings, insomnia, depression and exhaustion. The fresh fragrance acts as a stimulant and the leaves can be used to make a delicious tea.

 Add the leaves and blossoms to your bath for an instant awakener.

Strawberries~The vitamins and citric acids contained in strawberries help to ease the digestive system. Eating the fruit enhances feelings of well-being, and their delicate flavor combines with other fruits for a delicious energy booster that stimulates your spirits as well as your body. Add to herbal tea or to wine for a hedonistic drink.

Ginseng~This herb acts as a tonic for the nervous system and is a potent pick-me-up. You can buy ginseng tea or take it as a concentrated liquid. Avoid using other stimulants such as coffee while taking ginseng, as this can overload your system.

Cinnamon~Cinnamon helps to increase your energy as it has a tonic effect on the system. It is also useful for respiratory and digestive problems and for depression. Boil a small chunk of cinnamon stick in hot water to make a tea or add it to any other herbal infusion for extra zest.

Sage~Known for its healing effects on sore throats, sage is useful for the entire digestive tract, fever and chest problems. It has a stimulant, astringent, neural and tonic effect, and the dried leaves, when burned as incense, purity the energy of the room.

Add 1/2 cup of sage leaves to a bottle of red wine, leave for a week and then strain and drink a small glassful daily to give yourself more additional energy.

Thyme~The tonic and stimulant effects of thyme and its distinctive fragrance raise your energy. Add the leaves to your cooking, especially in fish and soups, for a quick lift. Suffuse your home by placing thyme sprig in each room.

Stimulating Thyme Footbath

This footbath utilizes the stimulating properties of thyme, lemon balm and rosemary to create an aromatic and invigorating footbath, which will help bring tired feet back to life and leave you felling energized and perky.

To create this footbath you will need:

  • Hot water
  • Lemon balm
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  1. Fill a bowl or footbath with hot water - should be able to put your feet into it without feeling any discomfort.
  2. Add sprigs of lemon balm, rosemary and thyme and leave to cool for a few minutes.
  3. Soak your feet in the water for 10 minutes and breath deeply.
  4. Rotate your foot about the ankle and curl and uncurl your toes to gently awaken the muscles.

Oh that footbath just sounds wonderful, does it not?
Are your feet hollerin' at ya, saying "give me, give me"? 

Well this the end of today's post; I would love to hear what 'ya think, so if you have time
drop me a line....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Herbal Remedies For Upset Digestion

G'morning all....still full from yesterday? Well belly up to the computer as I have some herbal help!


Healing Remedies For Upset Digestion

An upset digestive system can be caused by a number of things. Stomach bugs spread quickly and lay you low even after the bug itself has left your system. Poor dietary habits, too much rich or spicy food, a buffet of alcohol, stress or anxiety and bad hygiene contribute to digestive problems.

If you experience upsets regularly, it might help to find out if you have food allergies as these can make you feel bloated and sore. Analyse your diet;do you eat a lot of spicy foods? Is your diet balanced? If this is not the problem, take a look at stress and see whether you can reduce this somehow. Herbs can alleviate digestive problems, but their cause must be dealt with as well.

Choosing The Right Cure

Digestive problems that are caused by stress factors need to be treated differently from those that are caused by problems with your diet or stomach bugs.

For stress-related digestive upsets, try using herbs that can help you to relax, such as chamomile, as they help you treat the root of the problem at the same time as aiding your recovery.

Stomach bugs on the other hand,can be eased with the use of herbs such as peppermint, which will ease the pain and also cleanse your stomach. You should fast during the time you are unwell, because this can help defeat the bug and prevents your stomach from becoming irritated.

After you feel better, or if you can't sustain a fast during your illness, eat very light foods such as natural yogurt, which helps to increase the friendly bacteria in your gut. Remember that you need to drink plenty of water, or herbal infusions and teas, to rehydrate yourself and flush the bug out of your system.

Herbs For Digestive Upsets

Chamomile~This versatile herb relieves anxiety and insomnia, preventing some stress-related stomach conditions. Its effects are antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, tonic and antiseptic. You can drink chamomile tea whether your problems are caused by stress, indigestion or a tummy bug. Buy the tea from a store make your own using 4 tbsp of flowers in a quart of water.

Peppermint~Peppermint's anti-inflammatory, sedative and cooling properties make it ideal for stomach upsets. It relieves flatulence, eases indigestion and helps soothe away tummy bugs and colic. If you feel nauseous, drink peppermint tea or buy oil of peppermint from your chemist or natural food store. Using the fresh leaves in your cooking , on potatoes or in yogurt, helps balance your digestive system.

St. Johns Wort~This herb has been found effective in treating anxiety and depression as prescribed drugs, without the side effects of synthetic chemicals. It is also useful for stomach upsets due to anxiety. Drink two or there cups of the tea daily; if you have trouble sleeping while you are ill, put some leaves inside your pillow.

Dill~Dill is aromatic, stomach and anti-inflammatory. It is very useful for stomach problems and, as it helps to increase your appetite, it helps in your recovery. Soak a handful of seeds and flowers in a pint of water overnight, then drink it cold or warm it as a tea.

Parsley~This herb is an excellent remedy for flatulence and has a beneficial action on the heart and womb as well as the digestion It can also help relieve stomach cramps. Use it i salads, soups and sandwiches, or buy tablets form a health store.

Lettuce~Ensure you wash lettuce well to get rid of chemicals that it may have come in contact with. Lettuce is useful for coughs, digestive problems, the kidneys and liver, and for asthma. Eat plenty of salads and if you wish to use it as a tea, dry the leaves then boil 2 tsp in a cup of hot water.

Healing Digestive Salad

  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Green Olives
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Fresh Dill Leaves
  • Almonds, whole
  • Mint Leaves
  • Natural Yogurt

  1. Mix together in a bowl, the lettuce chopped parsley and dill leaves, olives and cucumber
  2. Roast a handful of almonds under the broiler for 2 minutes
  3. Make a dressing by chopping mint leaves and stirring them into natural yogurt. Garnish with think slices of tomato.
  4. Enjoy!

MMM that's a yummy salad...and sooo good for you too..
Have a wonderful day and don't forget to eat your greens!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am going to skip today's post considering there is alot of cooking to be done....

I will be back tomorrow with another helpful herbal post...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Herbal Remedies For Jet Lag

G'morning my fabulous readers!

Like yesterday I am going to share some info that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Alot of you will probably be traveling via plane to see your families and friends, so today I am going to share some herbal remedies for jet lag....

So grab your extra large coffee to warm up your bodies and keep reading to warm up your mind......


Herbal Remedies For Jet Lag

A feeling of fuzziness, an inability to sleep and appetite loss are common symptoms of jet lag, which occurs when your body's internal clock is disturbed by crossing time zones.

This internal clock, located in the brain, controls timing of biological rhythms, such as easting and sleeping and it can take several days for it to readjust.

Herbal remedies cannot cure jet lag but can help readjust the body clock. Adaptogenic herbs, such as St. John's Wort and Echinacea, will help the mind and body cope with change and should be taken up to two weeks before traveling. Herbs and plants that aid rest, such as lettuce and hops, will restore sleep without any side effects.

Reducing The Unpleasant Effects Of Jet Lag

Simple, practical steps to reduce the symptoms of jet lag will make your flight more pleasurable.

Watch What You Eat~Eat simple, light meals during the flight, avoiding fatty or spicy food.

Drink Fluids~Remember to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water. Avoid consuming alcohol; it may relax you in the short term but can exacerbate the effects of jet lag through dehydration. So if you have to drink, drink extra water.

Sleep Patterns~Try not to nap during the day of arrival, and get a good night's sleep before the flight.

Herbs For Jet Lag

Siberian Ginseng~This herb is an excellent tonic to negate the effects of travel. A tincture or decoction of the dried rhizome of this shrub will fortify the adrenal glands to combat the physical effects of disturbed biorhythms. Ginseng also increases stamina, helping the body to cope with the exhaustion brought on by traveling.

Oats~Oats, either as porridge or a decoction of oat straw, are an excellent fortifying preflight food. Oats contain saponins, alkaloids, sterols and vitamins, which raise stamina. Take them to combat exhaustion and as a tonic for restful sleep.

Passion Flower~The gentle sedative properties of Passion flower will help to restore natural sleep patterns disturbed by air travel. The herb is also pain-relieving for flight-induced headache and anxiety.

Wu Wei Zi~Increase your zest and energy after a ling-haul flight with this traditional Chinese herbal preparation. A decoction made from the dried berries of this woody vine will help to strengthen and tone your body, as well as aiding restful sleep. Wu Wei Zi, or Schisandra, has long been renowned for its restorative and regulatory functions.

St. Johns Wort~Preparations made from the aerial parts of this golden-flowered adaptogenic herb are regarded as an herbal panacea.l Take it regularly 2-3 weeks before travel to regulate body functions and enhance stamina. An infusion or tincture can be prepared from the dried flower tops. The herb's euphoric effects can also help you overcome fears about flying and traveling.

Valerian~This popular herbal remedy for insomnia is useful for a restful night's sleep after air travel.The roots and rhizomes of this perennial European herb are harvested and dried in the fall to preserve their volatile oils, iridoids and alkaloids. Take Valerian as a tincture to reduce insomnia and induce relaxation during and after travel.

Hops~Hops contain valerianic acid, which is a sedative that relaxes the body and the activities of the central nervous system. It can be taken as an infusion of the flowers (called strobiles) both during and after the flight.

Chamomile~A wonderfully effective but very gentle sedative that is suitable even for children and the elderly, Chamomile's daisy-like flowers make a sleep-inducing infusion that will leave you refreshed.

How To Make Jet Lag Tea

To make this energy-providing tonic that will restore your vitality as quickly as possible after a flight, you will need:
  • 1 tsp. Vervain
  • 1 tsp Wild Oats
  • 1 tsp St. Johns Wort
  • 1 pint boiling water
  • Small Teapot
  1. Place herbs into teapot
  2. Slowly add the boiling water
  3. Allow the herbs to infuse in the water for 5-10 min.
  4.  Strain, reserving the liquid and drink a cup 3 times during the first day after traveling.

Okay folks, this concludes today's post. I *hope* you have enjoyed it and can walk away with some new herbal knowledge.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!