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Herbal Remedies To Ease A Hangover

Good Morning Pictures, Images and PhotosGobble Gobble Gobble! Turkey day is just around the corner, so I thought with the holidays coming up I would offer some great herbal remedies for the  "Obligatory Holiday Hangover"!

What? You say you don't drink? Well I bet you know someone who does; Be a good friend/family member and share the following tips with them!


Herbal Remedies To Ease A Hangover

A night on the town with good company and plenty of drink can be lots of fun-until we wake up the following morning with an awful hangover.

Excessive alcohol consumption speeds up your production of urine as your body tries to expel toxins, leaving you feeling thirsty and dry-mouthed. The resulting dehydration causes headaches, insomnia, irritability and depressing.

Herbal remedies can combat these symptoms.

Herbal Remedies To Balance Your Body Salts

Most of the effects of a hangover are caused by dehydration, and the main thing that will make you feel better is to rehydrate yourself as quickly as possible. The obvious answer is to drink plenty of water as soon as you wake up, but it's not quite this easy.

You will also have lost body salts and you need to replenish these before your body can absorb the water you're drinking.

Dandelion~This is an ideal remedy, as it is one of the few diuretics that adds potassium to your body rather than removing it. Make dandelion leaf tea, or eat it in a simple salad.

Bananas~High in potassium, a banana for breakfast can help to increase your depleted reserves. Add it to your cereal for added Benefits.

Saltine Crackers~If you don't keep a health-conscious kitchen, a few plain saltine crackers will be better than nothing!

Chamomile~A cup of Chamomile tea will do wonders to soothe headaches and indigestion, especially when sweetened with energy-boosting honey instead of sugar. It can also reduce irritability and promote better sleep.

Fennel~A lukewarm cup of Fennel tea will ease nausea and indigestion and an act to reduce the effects of alcohol on the body. Fennel is, however, an herb you should not use if your are pregnant or if you suffer from epilepsy.

Juniper~Juniper (from which Gin is made) is reviving and restorative - - the one time when hair of the dog really an be beneficial! Sip one small glass of gin and tonic with a splash of lemon and a tsp of honey. Not for minors!

Lime~Lime is one of the great natural refreshers. A glass of lime juice or a couple of slices of lime in a glass of still water will act as a restorative, lending you fresh energy. It can also aid digestion and boost your mood.

Lemon~This natural stimulant is refreshing, purifying , reviving, strengthening and soothing. It works especially well on your mind to help you focus when you're feeling a little fuzz - a godsend during rough post-drinking periods.

Milk Thistle~Milk Thistle has a remarkable ability to protect the liver from damage caused by too much alcohol. The flower heads can be eaten in salads or made into herbal tea.

Peppermint~Peppermint eases headache, indigestion and nausea. Drink a cup of Peppermint tea, or chew on a fresh leaf to calm your stomach and improve your stale morning-after breath. Avoid if pregnant!

Rosemary~Stimulating Rosemary is great for relieving upset stomachs. For hangover-related stomachaches, use Rosemary in the bath or as an inhalation agent, or simply use it to garnish your food.

Essential Hangover Oils

Soothing essential oils can work wonders to ease away a hangover. Use them in mediums, such as a bath oil, vaporizer blend or massage oil applied to the temples.

Reviving Blends~Use the following with a hanky and use as an inhalation throughout your day:
  • 2 drops Fennel
  • 3 drops Juniper
  • 2 drops Rosemary

Bath Blend~
  • 2 drops Rose
  • 2 drops Juniper
  • 2 drops Grapefruit

Have a great holiday season and keep these tips handy!

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