Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Yes it's Tuesday! Today's featured artist is pretty darn amazing!

She takes beautiful pics, makes lovely jewelry, writes and draws...is there anything this charismatic woman can't do?

I have a feeling the answer is a resounding "NO"!

So let's show her how much love we can give to someone who shares so much of herself to this world of

             Handmade By The People; For The People!


Jennifer of Jennifer Lynn Productions!!!
Let's get to know a bit about Jennifer from her own perspective...
I have been artistic in many different media since I could hold a pencil.  I have always had a desire to create and experiment and tell stories.  My mother still has some of the earliest items I made and some of my early poems and stories.

I am a mixed media artist.  I do decoupage, I paint, I photograph, and I draw.  Sometimes, I incorporate all of these elements into one piece.  In addition, I hand sew, I make jewelry, and I write.  Because my products are so eclectic, I am branching out and test marketing my items on different sites.  Where I have all of my items blended together, I make sure to make copious use of categories and accurate tags.

If someone were to ask me to pick just one art form and focus on that and only that, I could not do it.  My moods change, and my ideas come to me in very specific ways.  My vision does not easily translate across media.  I simply work on whatever I am in the mood to work on.  When I have deadlines, I schedule my projects, and some take me a long time to complete when I have to re-prioritize.

In addition to my various art and crafting products/projects, I have several writing projects I'm interested in pursuing.  I plan to work on some of those things over the winter, when it's quiet, and I don't have the craft show/art sale frenzy to worry about.  (Outdoor shows, etc.)

 I have two chapbooks I want to get published, I have an idea for a prose book (coffee table book, I hope,) and I've been tapped to write a short screenplay.  If things go well for me financially this winter, I'm hoping to take some writing classes and get my work in front of some other writers.  When I'm busier with my visual art, I try to let my blog be my outlet for the writing, but I don't always make time.

You can find Jennifer and her many unique items at the following sites
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