Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Before I share today's featured artist, I would like to apologize for the absence of the dedicated artist page. Somehow I lost some of the artist and nearly the whole page itself.

I will be fixing the page and putting up the prior artists that were on there.

Okay...now for todays artist...drumroll please.....

Peggy Pasko!

My jewelry designing began with a good friend of mine who asked me to take
 beading classes with her.
Of course, I said sure! And that was that! 

I've been creating jewelry for about nine years, I use mainly glass, wood or crystal beads.

My favorite beads are African Trade Beads.

 I feel  creating is a wonderful freeing experience and our hands and minds keep busy when  we use our talents and gifts for the right thing.

You can find Peggy at the following locations:

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