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Herbal Remedies For Jet Lag

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Like yesterday I am going to share some info that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Alot of you will probably be traveling via plane to see your families and friends, so today I am going to share some herbal remedies for jet lag....

So grab your extra large coffee to warm up your bodies and keep reading to warm up your mind......


Herbal Remedies For Jet Lag

A feeling of fuzziness, an inability to sleep and appetite loss are common symptoms of jet lag, which occurs when your body's internal clock is disturbed by crossing time zones.

This internal clock, located in the brain, controls timing of biological rhythms, such as easting and sleeping and it can take several days for it to readjust.

Herbal remedies cannot cure jet lag but can help readjust the body clock. Adaptogenic herbs, such as St. John's Wort and Echinacea, will help the mind and body cope with change and should be taken up to two weeks before traveling. Herbs and plants that aid rest, such as lettuce and hops, will restore sleep without any side effects.

Reducing The Unpleasant Effects Of Jet Lag

Simple, practical steps to reduce the symptoms of jet lag will make your flight more pleasurable.

Watch What You Eat~Eat simple, light meals during the flight, avoiding fatty or spicy food.

Drink Fluids~Remember to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water. Avoid consuming alcohol; it may relax you in the short term but can exacerbate the effects of jet lag through dehydration. So if you have to drink, drink extra water.

Sleep Patterns~Try not to nap during the day of arrival, and get a good night's sleep before the flight.

Herbs For Jet Lag

Siberian Ginseng~This herb is an excellent tonic to negate the effects of travel. A tincture or decoction of the dried rhizome of this shrub will fortify the adrenal glands to combat the physical effects of disturbed biorhythms. Ginseng also increases stamina, helping the body to cope with the exhaustion brought on by traveling.

Oats~Oats, either as porridge or a decoction of oat straw, are an excellent fortifying preflight food. Oats contain saponins, alkaloids, sterols and vitamins, which raise stamina. Take them to combat exhaustion and as a tonic for restful sleep.

Passion Flower~The gentle sedative properties of Passion flower will help to restore natural sleep patterns disturbed by air travel. The herb is also pain-relieving for flight-induced headache and anxiety.

Wu Wei Zi~Increase your zest and energy after a ling-haul flight with this traditional Chinese herbal preparation. A decoction made from the dried berries of this woody vine will help to strengthen and tone your body, as well as aiding restful sleep. Wu Wei Zi, or Schisandra, has long been renowned for its restorative and regulatory functions.

St. Johns Wort~Preparations made from the aerial parts of this golden-flowered adaptogenic herb are regarded as an herbal panacea.l Take it regularly 2-3 weeks before travel to regulate body functions and enhance stamina. An infusion or tincture can be prepared from the dried flower tops. The herb's euphoric effects can also help you overcome fears about flying and traveling.

Valerian~This popular herbal remedy for insomnia is useful for a restful night's sleep after air travel.The roots and rhizomes of this perennial European herb are harvested and dried in the fall to preserve their volatile oils, iridoids and alkaloids. Take Valerian as a tincture to reduce insomnia and induce relaxation during and after travel.

Hops~Hops contain valerianic acid, which is a sedative that relaxes the body and the activities of the central nervous system. It can be taken as an infusion of the flowers (called strobiles) both during and after the flight.

Chamomile~A wonderfully effective but very gentle sedative that is suitable even for children and the elderly, Chamomile's daisy-like flowers make a sleep-inducing infusion that will leave you refreshed.

How To Make Jet Lag Tea

To make this energy-providing tonic that will restore your vitality as quickly as possible after a flight, you will need:
  • 1 tsp. Vervain
  • 1 tsp Wild Oats
  • 1 tsp St. Johns Wort
  • 1 pint boiling water
  • Small Teapot
  1. Place herbs into teapot
  2. Slowly add the boiling water
  3. Allow the herbs to infuse in the water for 5-10 min.
  4.  Strain, reserving the liquid and drink a cup 3 times during the first day after traveling.

Okay folks, this concludes today's post. I *hope* you have enjoyed it and can walk away with some new herbal knowledge.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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