Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Featured Artist Tuesday"

G'morning all ....It's Tuesday and you know what that means....yes indeedy...it's Featured Artist Tuesday! This is a great lady! I entered one of my jewelry items in an Indismiles contest, she was one of the gals that donated a prize; that makes her a Goddess in my book!

Today We have.....drumroll please......

Sonja From Silver River Jewelry

    My name is Sonja and I have been designing and making jewelry since 2007.  It all started when my then 13 yr old daughter displayed an interest in
    a beading kit.  I bought the beading kit for her for her birthday.  She enjoyed it for a couple of months and then decided that she was no longer interested in doing it.
    One evening as I was watching tv, I picked up her beading kit and started playing. ( I can't sit with nothing in my hands to do, it is pretty much torture lol).  I was totally and completely hooked within an hour and ended up making a necklace and several pairs of earrings.
    I started doing some research online and at the library and taught myself to wire wrap.  It didn't take long for me to make so much jewelry that I had to find something to do with it all so I started selling online. 
    As many of you know, jewelry is a tough category to sell in.  There are many, many talented jewelry makers out there.  I quickly decided to learn to make as many
    of the components in my jewelry by hand as I could.
      I learned lapidary first (how to make stone cabochons from rocks) and quickly took up metal smithing so that I could set my own stones.  I also learned beadweaving (what can I say, I want to know how to do it all!) metal etching and finally took up lampwork bead making last year. 
    My goal is to make well made, long lasting, unique, handmade jewelry, where as many of the components are handmade by me as possible.  
     I am working on a new line of pendants that actually incorporates most of the different techniques I have listed above into one piece. 
     I sincerely love what I do and hope that people enjoy my work and find it to be elegant, whimsical and just a little bit off the beaten path.
     You can find Sonja at:
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