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G'morning and welcome to Featured Blogger Friday!

I haven't had this feature for awhile as I had no one request to be featured, so I am really excited to be able to provide today's blogger for your reading pleasure!

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So, with that being said, I present...........

Marsha (Jammy) Tally!!!!!

I am 47 year old divorced gamer (where I got my nickname Jammy) with two grown daughters. I have a granddaughter, and a grandson, two dogs and care for my ill mother. I have lived in San Diego Ca. for nearly a decade and love it here. The relaxed and laid back vibe of the city suit me perfectly. I love the beach and walks in my neighborhood.

My blog is about me and my journey thru life learning to use the law of attraction in a conscious way

I am only just getting back into writing, since discovering a new path with the law of attraction I have been able to let go of a depression that has lasted for decades and begin to live again. My joy in writing and in being myself has returned and everyday I am writing more than the day before, and I am very excited about where else my creativity may lead me.

 My last blog post was even a poem. I have a nearly finished novel I started many years ago that I recently dug out of a box in my closet and am thinking it may be time to dust that off and give it another go.

No matter what happens with my writing my life has changed for the better in the last three months due to the road that I find myself on. I opened myself up to the universe and over the last few months I have really changed my life. I am sharing that with my readers and I hope that my journey will help someone else find what they are searching for in life.

You can find Marsha's blog at:


Well hello there!
Welcome to Featured Blogger Friday!

Today I present you with a really down-to-earth, web-savvy, all-around wonderful gal.

So let's learn a bit more about her, and then be a great spirit and check out her blogs and let her know you saw her here.........

Alexandra Lindberg

My name is Alexandra Lindberg, I'm 28 years old and live in Sweden with my lovely dog Lisen. In my personal blog ropcorn.com I write about me, my dog and our life in Sweden. I love to take pics, so there is quite a few of them in there as well.

I'm creative and love to build websites, completely self taught by the way, so I have a few other ones as well. Like mymagiclinks.com, which is a free link directory where I offer three one way backlinks - no reciprocal required. I have also created a blog for my amazing dog Lisen at Lisen.eu.

When I'm not working on my websites or working I enjoy to take walks in the forest, travel, write and spend time with family and friends. I'm a believer in "law of attraction". I'm also convinced of that the only thing you should concern yourself with is your own intentions, if they are good - everything will turn out for the best in the end.

You can find me at Twitter as @ropcorn

I also have an official Facebook page for my blog.

For more info about me, Lisen and our life in Sweden you are very welcome to drop by ropcorn.com :-)

And if you want three free backlinks send in your URL at mymagiclinks.com

To find out more about my stubborn dog check out Lisen.eu


Hello there!

I had a thought earlier today ( I know, scary huh? ), I was thinking, I feature artists on Tuesdays; bloggers are artists too yes?

Then it occured to me that it would really be kewl to give them their own page as well......

So it begins.....


Today's featured blogger is........

Meg Author of "Digital Philanthropy"!

After moving slowly southwards for most of my adult life, I live at the bottom of the South Island.  If I moved much further south, I would end up in Antarctica ... so I intend to stop now and stay where I am.
I have two kids, an ex-husband, foolish dog, a couple of chickens and a wayward cat.

I am passionate about the value of community and am fully immersed in revitalising the community I live in.  Its had a hard couple of decades!  I help run a monthly community market, and produce the local community newspaper ... among other less glamourous sounding things!

I try and live a sustainable life, am passionate about social justice issues - ya know, poverty, equality, etc etc etc - and am of the opinion that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place!  I believe strongly in the value of kindness and compassion.

Oh, and I really, really like chocolate!! (and here's some other stuff I like)

Author of:
Digital Philanthropy
How to Make a Difference Community

Meg is a really nice lady, head is screwed on beautifully! lol...
So how about showing your love and visiting her sites!?!