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The Power Of Amethyst

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I have decided to expand my "blogging", especially since I work with healing stones and crystals in the jewelry I make, I thought I would  share with you all the wonderful healing properties stones have....

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The Power Of Amethyst

Amethyst, the birthstone of Aquarius, in an extremely versatile crystal for use around the home, in jewelry, or in healing and meditation. It stimulates all the energy centers of your body, your mid and your spirit.

You can channel amethyst's power by carrying a small crystal in your pocket. Holding your crystal while you meditate enhances your mental clarity and improves your intuition and open-mindedness.

Amethyst's magical qualities have been been valued for centuries. It is mentioned in the Bible, and is today mounted in the Fisherman's Ring worn by the Pope. Spiritualists believe that the stone enables you to bring the divine into more mundane parts of your life, helping your should to feel grounded and comfortable in your physical body.

Ancient Powers Of Amethyst

Amethyst has been used since biblical times. It is mentioned in Exodus as one of the 12 sacred stones worn of the High Priest Aaron's breastplate.

Protective Powers~Ambassadors in Ancient Egypt carried amethyst scarabs (small carvings of beetles) with them when traveling abroad. They believed the scarabs could see through illusions and protect them from treachery.

Ancient Persians believed that amethyst had the power to keep away hail and locusts.

In crystal fortune-telling, amethyst foretells a change or transition, or suggests that such a change is the answer to a problem. The color purple as always been associated with divine connections and spiritual insight-mirrored in the vesments worn by priests today.

Some Ways To Use Your Amethyst

Prevent Drunkenness~Amethyst comes from the Greek "amethystos" meaning "not drunken." In Greek myth, amethyst was a pure young girl who refused to get drunk, thus incurring the wrath of Dionysus, the god of joviality. To protect her from his wrath, the goddess Diana turned her into quartz. Dionysus later regretted his actions and knocked over his wine goblet in despair, staining the quartz purple.

The Ancient Greeks believed that amethyst therefore offered protection from the effects of overindulgence in alcohol - allowing you to drink without becoming intoxicating - and also from falling victim to addiction.

They often drank form amethyst goblets, or dropped an amethyst into their wine glass for protection.

  • Ease yo head the morning after by soaking an amethyst in water. Slip the water while breathing in the soothing aroma of lavender.

Carry your amethyst in your pocket, or wear amethyst jewelry during a night on the town to protect you from drinking too much! You'll need to carry (or wear it) it with you for two weeks beforehand, however to attune it to your personal energies.

Raising Your Psychic Awareness And Intuition

Like all purple stones, amethyst is linked to your body's energy centers at the pituitary and pineal glands, located in the center of your forehead (known as the sixth or "Third-Eye" Chakra). This is the area that controls your higher intuition and spiritual awareness.

  • Placing an amethyst on your brow stimulates your pineal gland. Some traditions hold that this gland is the place where the soul enters and leaves the body. Stimulating it enables you to see through such likes and illusions as nightmares, groundless depression and the false happiness of addiction.

  • Your Third-Eye Chakra regulates the energy flow throughout your body, stimulating it helps to rebalance extremes, settling your moods and enhancing your general well-being.

  • Amethyst promotes spiritual development and aids divine connections and mental clarity. It encourages bravery and wisdom, and helps to initiate astral travel. Hold your amethyst loosely during meditation to improve divine connections.

  • Wear Amethyst in a pendant or bracelet to benefit form its stimulating effects all day long.

  • Hold your amethyst over your Third-Eye Chakra or massage the area lightly with your stone, to heighten your spiritual receptivity and open your mind to new ideas and experiences.

Amethyst As A Healing Stone

Amethyst is good for easing problems in the head area, such as migraines and depression. Ametrine, a natural mix of amethyst and the gold stone citrine, will help with stomach problems.

Amethyst is a good all-purpose healing stone, especially useful when you aren't sure of the cause of the problem . You can enhance your crystal's healing properties by rubbing with lavender oil, which also stimulates the Third-Eye.
  • On your bedside table or under your pillow, amethyst's soothing qualities will ease your worries and help you sleep.

  • Gently rub your forehead with an amethyst to banish tension headaches. Start with small circular movements in the center of the template and gradually work your way outward.

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