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What Are Bach Flower Remedies?

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So we've learned a lot about herbs and  aromatherapy, now let's learn about another great natural healing  option, Bach Remedies.

Bach flower remedies can be taken in many ways to teat a variety of ailments and conditions. Use neat or mixed with a beverage of your choice....


What Are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach remedies were created by Dr. Edward Back and accord with his philosophy that every symptom of the body, mind and spirit has a message that you may learn from. By attuning to his own mental states and becoming aware of what was required to enable healing, Dr. Bach was guided to each flower to create his remedies.

He found each negative mental state holds potential for positive transformation and that through the experience of healing you will be guided toward "wholeness". Each remedy is specifically chosen for the emotional conditions hat are currently being experienced.

Negative states re due to blocked energy and should be treated by the remedy that best describes it.

Specific Or General Remedies

Your mental and emotional states are complex, and any blockages within these can filter down to your physical body, causing negative symptoms and disease. Back flower remedies work through healing the patterns that have been set up, removing blockages and treating the physical problems that are linked to these.

When choosing  the right remedy, it is important to consider your predominate mental or emotional state and choose the flower whose pattern most closely matches what you are feeling at this time.

Sometimes a single remedy is enough; at other times you may need several remedies- for example, the Rescue Remedy incorporates five flowers and is used as a short-term therapy for shock and trauma.

How To Choose Your Remedies

There are many books available on Bah flower remedies, giving detailed interpretations of the mental, emotional and physical states associated with each treatment. Before choosing a remedy, you need to ascertain the exact nature of the problem and whether it is short or long-term. This will affect the remedy and course of treatment you choose.

A short-term ailment might be suffering a nervous attack before public speaking or an exam, while long-term problems such as anger ad resentment or an inability to concentrate might be due to a deep-rooted mental or emotional state.

Record Your Anxieties~Write down a list of what you are currently feeling and the problems that have risen through this. It may help you to look through a list Bach flower remedies, available in most stores that sell them and giving brief information on the symptoms. Then read an in-depth profile of the ones that seem to mirror your patter or problem.

Seeking Professional Help~The process of self-treatment - selecting your remedies through listening and paying attention to mental and emotional states - is key to the philosophy of Back.

Learning to focus on what you are experiencing  helps you to understand yourself more profoundly; this leads to the attainment of self-knowledge and inner harmony. If you feel confused by the choices available, however, it is best to consult a Bach practitioner to talk through your symptoms and help gauge your underlying feelings or mental states.

How Bach Remedies Work

The Bach remedies treat the causes of physical emotional and mental problems by removing the energy blocks that have initially created the issue. The remedies are subtle but effective and can work very swiftly depending on whether the problem is short-term or chronic.

Energy Range~The flowers used are attuned to particular energy wavelengths or frequencies, and taking  he essences helps redress the balance that has been lost through conflict in an area of your being. The popular Rescue Remedy, for example, is useful for any kind of shock or trauma and should be kept on hand to relieve the effects of a disturbing event.

It is also available as a cream. Mimulus is another useful remedy, which enables you to overcome nervousness or fear that has a known cause, such as an exam or job interview. You can use Back flower remedies or immediate help or to treat ling-standing problems.

Ok...hope you enjoy learning about Back Remedies...I will be doing more posts on this subject so keep watch.

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