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The Power Of Flourite

The Power Of Flourite

Flourite is a beautiful stone that occurs in a wide range of colors; black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, red, violet, yellow and even colorless varieties.

Flourite takes its name from the Latin word "fluere" meaning "to flow". Strangely, for such a beautiful stone, there are o recorded historical uses or mythical associations for it. Flourite was formerly known as fluorspar, and the green variety is sometimes called "African Emerald".

Flourite has a very unusual quality - it gives off light in darkness when exposed to a source of heat. The crystal is one of the main sources of flourine for making substances such as hydroflouric acid, which is highly corrosive and used to etch glass.Flourite is also used in making some forms of pottery , and it is only in recent years that is has been widely available as jewelry and a crystal for the public to buy with the exception of the world-famous Blue John variety.

The Legends Of Blue John

One of the few types of flourite  associated with folklore and legend is Blue John. This is a violet-blue and white or yellow-banded variety of flourite found only in Derbyshire, England. For this reason it is sometimes called Derbyshire Spar.

The crystal is used to make jewelry and vases, and it is also associated with local folklore.

Miner's Flower~The miners used to call Blue John "ore flowers", because they sometimes found it formed into flower-like shapes. Lower-quality Blue John was sometimes added the pottery kiln to form fine, beautiful chinaware.

Dragon's Stone~According to local folklore, a dragon moved into the Blue John mines in Derbyshire after the Christians built a church by hi old home and it is the dragon's breath that colors the blue John variety of flourite.

Some Ways To Use Your Flourite

For Clarity~A common use for flourite is to help bring more clarity into a person's life. Blue and purple flourite are particularly good for this purpose, but any color can be used.
  • Anoint your piece of smooth flourite with lavender oil and say "May I be blessed with clear vision, clarity and discrimination".

  • Gently rub the flourite in small, clockwise circles on the center of your brow, at the position of the Third-Eye Chakra, for two minutes.

  • You should notice that you can see a clearer path through your troubles and challenges after this ritual has been performed.

Meditation Assistance

If you have trouble focusing and concentrating when you meditate, try using flourite.
  • Sit cross-legged and hold your hands in front of your Stomach Chakra, one resting on the other with both palms turned upward.

  • Place the flourite in your upper hand and concentrate on meditating. Allow its calming energy to fill body and aura, stilling your restless mental chatter.

  • If you still struggle to concentrate, move your up and hold the flourite to your heart. feel its energies penetrate into your Heart Chakra, calming your heart and mind

Acquiring Balance

Flourite is a balancing stone an can help out at those times when you feel "out of sorts". It helps balance the physical, emotional and mental states to a harmonious condition.
  • Sit under a tree with your back positioned against the trunk and hold your flourite in your hands. feel the stability of the earth manifesting through the flourite and the tree.

  • You should feel yourself become more grounded again, bringing you focus, balance and harmony.

For A Boost Of Energy

Flourite absorbs energy very well and makes a good battery to use when you are at a low ebb., to give yourself a "jump start".
  • Consecrate the flourite with the four elements, asking for their blessings.

  • Place your flourite on a windowsill on a piece of silk, where it will be exposed to the Sun's energies.

  • Whenever you feel at a low eb, recharge by closing your eyes and holding the Sun-soaked stone.

Cure Insomnia

If you're having problems getting to sleep, or keep waking up at night, try using flourite to deal with this annoyance.
  • At the next full Moon, put a piece of flourite in a bowl of water and lace it on the windowsill. Allow it to soak up the Moon's rays overnight and the next morning place the flourite under your pillow and the water in a bottle.

  • Each morning, anoint the crystal with a few drops of the remedy water and return it to your pillow. You should find your sleep patterns improving with a week.

Wearing Flourite Jewelry~This stone is particularly good for absorbing negative energy (dry cleanse with salt to cleans the stone of all the negative energy it has collected) and balancing all aspects of your life.

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