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How Does Aromatherapy Benefit You?

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For awhile now I have been sharing posts with you on how to use your aromatherapy oils and herbs...but you still may be wondering "How exactly does aromatherapy benefit me?"

So today's post will explain aromatherapy benefits you, emotionally, spiritually and physically....

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How Does Aromatherapy Benefit You?

Now that you understand the basic (if not check my earlier posts) techniques, you can use them anywhere - at home, at work, or even on the move. From home in your bathroom to your travels, you can use techniques that will moisturize your skin, improve your mood, banish headaches, relieve pain and even keep mosquitoes away!
Nowadays, you can buy a huge range of ready-made aromatherapy products, from shower gels and massage oils to scented candles. These are ok, but by making your own from a collection of simple ingredients you can tailor them to your particular needs; for instance, you can use a relaxing bath oil to moisturize your dry skin.

The Benefits

Your sense of smell is tied closely to your emotions, just like when you smell baking bread, you think of home, perhaps Grandmas cozy home, and it warms your heart.
Inhaling aromatherapy oils is effective for:

Improve Your Mood~Making you feel much more positive and cheerful

Ease PMS~By helping to balance your emotions

Give You Confidence~At times when you feel unsure of yourself

Calm You Down~During a panic attack

Reduce Tension~By gently calming distraught nerves

Encourage Sleep~By creating a more restful, sleep-enhancing atmosphere

Aid Romance~By helping to set a sensually romantic mood

Strong aromatherapy scents can:

Trigger Past Memories~Prompting your favorite memories from happy times and places

Putting You In A Spiritual Mood~Setting the right mood for religious worship and spirituality

Help You Focus~Aiding with meditation and concentration

The active ingredients of essential oils have many physical benefits. they are able to:

Relax Muscles~Easing aches and pains

Improve Skin Condition~Moisturizing dry skin, treating oily skin and helping to ease skin conditions such as acne and eczema

Stimulate Circulation~Helping treat dandruff, cellulite, skin problems, and low blood pressure, plus boosting concentration, improving your immune system and fighting fatigue

Detoxify Your Body~Easing hangovers, improving cellulite and soothing stomach upset

Boost Immunity~Helping fight infections and heal cuts, insect bites and sunburn

So while this does not go into detailed specifics, ( you can find those in prior posts ) it does give you a summary of how essential oils can help...
Have a wonderful week!
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