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Herbal Musts For A Well-Stocked Medicine Chest Pt. 2

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Herbs Musts For A Well-Stocked Medicine Chest Pt. 2

Calendula~Calendula ointment is made from marigold flowers. It is an invaluable addition to your medicine chest as it can be used for cuts and scrapes and to soothe sore or chapped skin. Remember to take some on vacation to treat insect bites.

Mimulus~This is a useful remedy for helping you to prepare for situations that you are nervous about. If you are anxious about an exam, presentation or test, or simple about meeting new people or facing a challenge, then you could take mimulus beforehand for an additional boost of strength and courage.

Chamomile~Chamomile tincture can be used to treat a variety of conditions, both internally and externally. When taken externally it is helpful for soothing sore and irritated skin, eczema and minor cuts and scrapes. Take the tincture internally for stress relief, to help you to relax or as a natural remedy for insomnia. You could also add it to your bath to promote feelings of well-being and contentment.

Elderflower~This herb soothes sore or tired eyes, increases urine production and helps to flush out the kidneys. Its other health benefits include easing constipation and treating colds and flu. Use this herb sparingly as it can cause dizziness used in strong doses.

Olive~Olive is a good standby for moments of sheer emotional and physical exhaustion. Whereas hornbeam is for general weariness, olive is for when you have burned yourself out through overloading your system until you feel that you are just about ready to drop. During these times you could try eating some olives or , for a traditional delicious Italian recipe, try dipping some fresh bread in Olive oil mixed with some balsamic vinegar.

Golden Seal~This tincture is a natural pick-me-up and is useful as a powerful tonic when you have been unwell and you are feeling debilitated. Golden seal can be used to treat constipation and its soothing effects also improve your sleep patterns, ensuring that you get a good night's sleep.
Avoid during pregnancy.

Impatiens~For PMS or times when you are experiencing high levels of stress, or simply when you feel constantly irritable and impatient with those around you, try taking some impatiens. Look to this natural remedy if you are going through a period where you feel that it's easier to just do the work yourself than to let others do it or if you find that you are becoming too much of a  perfectionist.

Clematis~If you sometimes have difficulty focusing or concentrating, have phases of absentmindedness or tend to slip into daydreams, keep a bottle clematis in your medicine chest. Similarly, if you are about to begin a project that will require your undivided attention then you can use the herb itself to prepare your mind for the work to follow. This is a good remedy if you sleep too much as it makes it easier for you to wake up.

Ginger~A circulatory stimulant, ginger is an essential addition to your medicine chest. Make a healing tea by grating ginger into a cup, adding hot water and straining. Gargle with this for sore throats or drink to cure upset stomachs. Add it to warm water for a soothing foot bath.

Ginseng~This is a strengthening and healing herb. You should keep a piece of dried ginseng root in your medicine chest for times when your system needs an additional boost or you feel the need for a general tonic. this herb combats tiredness, relieves stress, promotes recovery for illness and eases depression. If you need an emergency treatment for your love life then you'll be glad to know ginseng is an aphrodisiac.

Olbas~Remember to stock up on these lozenges before the cold and flu season begins. Olbas lozenges are a combination of menthol, eucalyptus, juniper and wintergreen and clove oils. You should keep a pack in your medicine chest in case of colds and flu, as they help to clear your nasal passages and soothes coughs.

Hornbeam~If Monday mornings fill you with a sense of gloom and dread then you will definitely need to store some hornbeam in your medicine chest. This will help you to motivate yourself to do the things that you are not looking forward to, such as doing the household chores, returning to work after the holidays or going to the dentist. Hornbeam will also help you to recover your energy and strength after a period of prolonged illness.

Barley~Keep some barley in your medicine chest as well as in your kitchen. It is useful for treating aching limbs and muscles and for wounds, skin problems and stomach upsets. Barley also increases strength in your muscles and lowers cholesterol.

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