Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Featured Artist Tuesday!

....Hello there! I am very happy to say that "Featured Artist Tuesdsay" is back and running....

Today I have the honor of featuring a wonderful woman who has been through it all; up and down.....It sounds to me like she had the calling to "make people beautiful" through her creations since a tot....so reward her for all her dedication and hard work by reading her feature and then visiting her links....

Cathy Cooley proprietor of Catyannes Creations!

Growing up I never considered myself an artistic person. Mama was an expert seamstress and made all our clothes, so it was natural that I learned to sew at an early age. Unfortunately I was never as good as Mama. In my early 20’s I took an interest in crafts and tried my hand at crochet and counted cross stitch. Neither held my interest for long periods of time. Having married a historian, quilting seemed fascinating and I gave that a shot, making a full size quilt for our bed. But soon life got in the way. There were kids to raise and a full time job; and my crafting days became sporadic at best.

But the kids grew up and flew the nest and I gradually found myself with small bits of spare time. I don’t remember exactly what inspired me to start making jewelry. As I recall it was quite by chance and a “spur of the moment” thing. In the beginning, about 5 years ago, I started making little things for myself; mostly bracelets and necklaces, nothing fancy or elaborate just glass and plastic beads strung on a wire. At the time I thought they were beautiful. But we’re talking “self-taught” here and I didn’t even bother to read a book! But soon after I started making gaudy trinkets, my time was consumed by something else.

In July, 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The following 2 years were devoted to doctor’s appointments, chemo, surgery, radiation, reconstruction and most of all…healing! March, 2011, will be my 2 year “cancer-free” anniversary!!

By summer of 2009 my life slowed down and I once again found spare time on my hands. The previous two years had changed my entire outlook on life. I found myself looking for the beauty in everything life has to offer. Once again I was drawn to designing jewelry. Only this time I found beauty in gemstones and crystals, lamp work and pearls. Don’t ask me where I get my inspiration because I have no idea. When I see beads or stones I like, I buy them. Eventually they find their way to my design tray and become beautiful treasures.
n August, 2009, I opened my first online shop on Artfire and shortly after found Zibbet. Since then I took the “Etsy” plunge and also started a blog and my own website. The inspiration for my shop name??? Simple, my given name is Catherine Annette, which I shortened to “Caty Ann” and “Caty Ann’s Creations” was born. In addition to my online shops I try to do as many local craft shows as time allows, usually in the weeks before the holidays. You can follow me on Twitter, my blog, and Facebook.
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