Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Okay...I know, you are confused. Yes this a new "Featured Artist Tuesday" yet it is Wednesday...No I have not fallen off my rocker, just a little late.

So without further ado, I would like to present, for your viewing pleasure......

Small Footprints aka Cindy.....

This chickipoo is an awesome, considerate, "always looking out for others" type of person and I am very pleased to be sharing her with you all today.
So please give some your undivided attention and show her some love by visiting her shop and blog...

My name is Cyndi, but most people know me as Small Footprints. 
 I write a blog called Reduce Footprints ( which is all about the easy ways we can each walk a little gentler on the earth. 
 One of my favorite features on the blog is a weeky Eco-challenge ... we call it Change The World Wednesday
 (  It's a lot of fun ... everyone shares new ideas and we push ourselves to try something new.
Now you might be asking yourself what that has to do with an artisan feature.  Well, somewhere along my "green" journey, I decided to start making things.  I started with Eco-friendly cleansers and furniture polish ... and then aftershave for my hubby. 
 One day, while digging around my jewelry box, I noticed some broken pieces at the bottom.  I decided, right then, to take them apart and see if I could create something with them.  And my earrings were born!
Most of my earrings are created from broken pieces of jewelry.  I find them at garage sales and thrift stores.  It's fascinating to imagine what they once meant to someone ... to imagine that they were an adored accessory.
  When I get them home, I take them apart, clean them up and voila ... they take on a new life.  More importantly, they stay out of landfills.
My husband and I own an Etsy shop called Appealing To You (  He sells his wonderful art
 (oil paintings, photography, etc.) and I sell my earrings.  While selling our art is always fabulous, we create for ourselves ... and the planet.
I'd like to thank Sherri for giving me this opportunity.  It was great fun to be here!

Oh No Cindy...Thank You for giving me the opportunity to showcase someone that loves Gaia aka Mother Earth.
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