Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Good Morning!

Tuesday has arrived and I am very excited  to say it is time for "Featured Artist Tuesday"!

Today's artist brings the word beautiful to unique wearable art...she has talent that I would like to posess someday...

So without further delay......(drumroll) I present.......

Anna Blair from DichroicGlassWorks!

I just love this bracelet she made!

I'm a retired High School art teacher, living in Fort Worth Texas, with a husband and two cats, Hyacinth and Nemesis (and a plethora of animals, raccoons, possums, armadillos, etc. outside that I feed.) 

I've been engaged in working with stained and fused glass the past seven years.  I took a fused glass class during art teacher inservice one year and returned to the craft after I retired.  I really enjoy working with glass! 

 I started with stained glass and created lots of windows and other projects before moving to fired glass. It's always fun to open the kiln after eight hours of cooling to see what the layers of glass have fused into.  I use dichroic glass as one of the layers and how it looks after it fuses with the stained glass layer nearly always creates surprises.

Some of the pieces I do are;

  • Fused dichroic glass necklaces with sterling chains
  • Fused dichroic glass bracelets with silver plate round links
  •  Fused glass purse hangers with stainless steel hardware
  • Soldered glass pendants with silver plated ball chains (Many to choose from, or will do custom photo pendants)

All work is handmade, done one at a time.  A piece of wearable art, hand crafted for the special person who appreciates craftmanship.

You can find Anna's creations at:

 www.ab2255.etsy.com ( free shipping sale )
   www.artfire.com/dichroicglassworks (Free Ship & 5% off)


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