Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vaporizing Essential Oils

G'morning everyone....*hope* you had a good "wake up"! I figured with all this info regarding oils and vaporizing, I should give some detailed info on actually using the vaporizer etc....

So relax with another cup of joe and here we go....

With essential oils you can simply leave a few drops out on a saucer or add it to potpourri. The following methods will help it evaporate faster.

How to use vaporizer oil

You can use undiluted essential oils in a vaporizer, or buy special blends. In both cases, you need to add up to five drips to the vaporizer bowl.

Please note! Oils that are ready-blended for use in massage are usually not suitable for use in vaporizers

Electronic Vaporizers

In electric vaporizers electricity heats the oil. One kind of electronic vaporizer consists of a ceramic dish that plugs into a socket. Put water and a few drops of oil into the dish, and as it heats up, the will evaporate.

Another type is a small ceramic loop that fits over the bulb in a table lamp or ceiling. The bulb's heat evaporates the oil.

Using Candle Vaporizers

Candle vaporizers consist of a small bowl of oil and water suspended over a candle. The heat from the candle causes the oil to vaporize and evaporate into the air.

Fill the vaporizer bowl with water, and add in three to five drops of oil. As the candle heats the bowl, the oil evaporates more quickly.

Use a scented candle to blend your favorite aroma with the oil vapors.

Homemade Heaters

If you don't want to buy a vaporizer, a good way to make your own is to simply put a small saucer or ceramic bottle on top of your radiator.

You can also put a few drops onto a wet hankie and drape this over a radiator or heater.

The last two options can be dangerous and should not be done without adult supervision.
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