Friday, July 1, 2011

Featured Blogger Friday!

G'morning and welcome to Featured Blogger Friday!

I haven't had this feature for awhile as I had no one request to be featured, so I am really excited to be able to provide today's blogger for your reading pleasure!

After reading the interview, won't you please give our blogger some love by visiting her blog?

I would appreciate it and I can confidently say she will too!

So, with that being said, I present...........

Marsha (Jammy) Tally!!!!!

I am 47 year old divorced gamer (where I got my nickname Jammy) with two grown daughters. I have a granddaughter, and a grandson, two dogs and care for my ill mother. I have lived in San Diego Ca. for nearly a decade and love it here. The relaxed and laid back vibe of the city suit me perfectly. I love the beach and walks in my neighborhood.

My blog is about me and my journey thru life learning to use the law of attraction in a conscious way

I am only just getting back into writing, since discovering a new path with the law of attraction I have been able to let go of a depression that has lasted for decades and begin to live again. My joy in writing and in being myself has returned and everyday I am writing more than the day before, and I am very excited about where else my creativity may lead me.

 My last blog post was even a poem. I have a nearly finished novel I started many years ago that I recently dug out of a box in my closet and am thinking it may be time to dust that off and give it another go.

No matter what happens with my writing my life has changed for the better in the last three months due to the road that I find myself on. I opened myself up to the universe and over the last few months I have really changed my life. I am sharing that with my readers and I hope that my journey will help someone else find what they are searching for in life.

You can find Marsha's blog at:

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