Friday, September 16, 2011

Magical Uses Of Herbs

G'morning everyone! I know it's been awhile, so sorry for the I am back and have a wonderful line-up for the next few posts. I will be sharing the magical uses of herbs; herbs are for much more than just eating and medicine!

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Magical Uses of Herbs

Acacia (acacia senegal)

Folk Names: Cape Gum, Egyptian Thorn, Gum Arabic Tree, kikwataa, Mkwatia, Mgunga, Mokala

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Air

Deities: Osiris, Astarte, Ishtar, Diana, Ra

Powers: Protection, Psychic Powers

Ritual Uses: The wood is used as fuel in sacred fires in India, and is also used in building temples.

Magical Uses: A sprig of the tree placed over the bed wards off evil, as it does when tucked into the turban in Eastern countries. When the wood is burned with sandlewood the psychic powers are stimulated. Acacia is also used in money and love spells, although in the latter case the outcome would be a platonic love.

Adam & Eve Roots (orchis spp.)[Poison]

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Power: Love, Happiness

Magical Uses: Carry the two roots in a small bag at all times to attract a love. If you wish to be free form amatory competitors, also carry the two roots sewn into a small bag. Given to a couple they ensure continued happiness.

Adder's Tongue (erythronium americanum)

Folk Names: American Adder's Tongue, Serpent's Tongue, Adder's Mouth, Yellow Snowdrop, Dog's Tooth Violet

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Powers: Healing

Magical Uses: Soak some adder's tongue in cold water and apply it to a wound or bruise (wrap it in a piece of cloth ) until the herb grows warm. Next bury the wet herb in a muddy place. The wound will be cured.

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