Friday, January 20, 2012

Recipes For Making Your Own Magical Incense....

Good Day and Merry Meet!

Today I am going to share with you some magnificent recipes for making your own incense for magical and aromatic uses...

Please be aware that some of these recipes include dangerous, toxic and in some cases illegal herbs, I do not recommend using these ingredients, (you can always substitute with less dangerous herbs; tobacco is always an appropriate substitute) I am including these herbs to stay true to the recipes I am sharing. These herbs will be accompanied by an asterisk*

Incense Recipes

Astral Travel Incense~Burn a small amount in the room to aid in projecting the astral body:

3 parts Sandalwood
3 parts Benzoin
1 part Mugwort
1 part Dittany of Crete

Business Incense~Burn to attract customers:

2 parts Benzoin
1 part Cinnamon
1 part Basil

Clearing Incense~Burn this incense to clear your home of negative vibrations, especially when household members are arguing or when the house seems heavy and thick with anger, jealousy, depression, fear and other negative emotions. Leave the windows open while burning this mixture:

3 parts Frankincense
3 parts Copal
2 parts  Myrrh
1 part Sandalwood

Courage Incense~Smolder this incense when you lack courage. If you are in a situation where you cannot burn it, recall its scent and be strong. If tonka bouquet is unavailable, use tonka tincture or vanilla tincture ( or extract):

2 parts Dragon's Blood
1 part Frankincense
1 part Rose Geranium leaves (or a few drops Rose Geranium oil)
a few drops Tonka Bouquet
a few drops Musk oil

Dream Incense~Burn a bit in the bedroom prior to sleep to produce psychic dreams. Remove the censer ( incense burner ) from the room before sleeping. Use only genuine camphor. If this is unavailable, add a few drops spirits of camphor, which is available in most drug stores:

2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Rose petals
1 part Camphor
a few drops Tuberose Bouquet
a few drops Jasmine oil

Eightfold Hearth Incense~Burn for a safe, warm, loving home. Also makes for a perfect home-warming gift!

2 parts Dragon's Blood
2 parts Myrrh
1 part Juniper
1/2 part Sassafras
1/2 part Orange flowers
1/2 part Rose Petals

Healing Incense~Burn to speed healing while visualizing:

1 part Rosemary
1 part Juniper Berries

House Purification Incense~Burn in your home to cleanse it at least once a month, perhaps on the Full Moon. additionally, burn this mixture in a new home before moving in. This is another great house warming gift:

3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Dragon's Blood
1 part Myrrh
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Wood Betony
1/2 part Dill Seed
a few drops Rose Geranium

I have many many more recipes so check back often!

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