Friday, April 29, 2011

Homeopathic Remedies

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Today's post is going to show you some homeopathic remedies. If you need to learn more about homeopathic practices, you can find all the needed information on prior posts of this blog.


Homeopathic Remedies

Arsenicum~Arsenicum is for food poisoning where there are symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and burning stomach pains. You should use it if you are finding it hard to drink or if you have lost your appetite.

Pulsatilla~Pulsatilla is useful for people with fair hair and pale skin and is a common remedy for women and young girls. It is used to treat period problems, the onset of menopause, mumps, measles and problems where there is discharge such as phlegm.

Gelsemium~Helping to balance mood swings and put you on an even keel, gelsemium also brings harmony to your nerves, and is a primary choice for colds and flu. Symptoms indicating for gelsimium are constant weariness and a feeling of heaviness, a runny nose, headache, trembling and shivering, an inability to get warm, aching muscles, sneezing, lack of muscle coordination and a sore throat.

Chamomilla~Chamomilla is used for toothache. Its gentle action makes if the first choice for babies and young children who are teething and fretful or who have the need to be constantly carried.It also treats overwhelming debility and sensations of pain that lead to despair.

Arnica~Arnica (arnica montana) is taken for bruising, shock and trauma - it makes a useful addition to your first aid kit. You can take it before and immediately after dental treatment or an operation, to speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of bruising indications and aching and soreness.

Aconite~Aconite, or monkshood, is a poison and dangerous in its undiluted form. It is used in homeopathy, however and found to be especially useful at the onset of illness where there are sensations of anxiety and great pain. it is used for sudden high fevers or feverish colds and to treat shock. It is used as a tincture, liniment or ointment.

Coffea~Coffee mixed with homeopathic remedies called  coffea, is good for sleep disorders, over-excitability , irritability, weeping and hyperactivity. It eases headaches and pain. Coffea combats the negative side effects of drinking too much coffee.

Drosera~Drosera is indicated for those tickler night-coughs that irritate immediately upon lying down, for tight chests, for spasmodic coughs with shortness of breath and for whooping cough. It can be used for any cough that comes suddenly and violently and ends with the urge to vomit. It is also used to treat mental states such as a lack of focus, anxiety and sadness and feeling suspicious.

Hypericum~Hypericum is used for cuts, wounds and bites where there might be infection, and it helps prevent tetanus from wounds that are inflicted by rusty nails. Other indications are falls, nerve pains and concussion, and it is also used to teat depression after operations.

Belladonna~Thought poisonous, in homeopathy belladonna is useful for treating sudden high fevers where the face is flushed. It can be used in inflammation and also for infections that raise the temperature and cause the pupils to dilate. Other indications for choosing belladonna remedy are sleeplessness, a sensation of delirium and an aversion of eyes to bright light.

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