Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Buy, When You Can Make Your Own Herbal Ointments

Well we finally hit 60 yesterday, the first time since December! It has been raining non-stop. Luckily my computer is safe inside the home, so I can share with you today how to make your own herbal ointments.


Homemade Herbal Ointments

Your own handmade ointments and lotions make a wonderful neutral base for herbal preparations and makes a convenient way of applying herbs to your skin. Add antiseptic herbs to treat cuts and grazes or anti-inflammatory herbs to sooth skin conditions.

Ointments contain natural fats dissolved in oil. The ointment sits on your skin and are excellent for first aid. Lotions can be creamy or liquid. Creamy lotions combine oil or fat and water in an emulsion that blends into your skin. Liquid lotions are simply cold infusions or decoctions of herbs that are applied externally and are most suitable for use in compresses.

The Best Herbs For Lotions And Ointments

St. John's Wort~
  • Pain-relieving antiseptic
  • Helps nerve pain. Rub into affected area
  • can cause sensitivity to light

  • Old-Fashioned country folk remedy
  • Clears skin blemishes, including varicose veins
  • Anti-inflammatory for allergic skin reactions
  • analgesic
  • Antispasmodic

Aloe Vera~

  • Healing for burns
  • Moisturizes dry and cracked skin
  • Reduces allergic reactions that cause eczema

Witch Hazel~
  • Soothing relief from hemorrhoids
  • Suitable for use on inflamed or tender skin
  • Stops bleeding reduces bruising
  • Astringent

Rose Petals~
  • Rejuvenate mature complexions
  • Help regeneration of new tissue
  • A gentle natural antiseptic

  • First aid for minor wounds
  • Bioactive antiseptic
  • Gentle enough for babies and children

  • Healing for many skin disorders
  • Effective treatment of eczema
  • Potent antimicrobial action
  • Insect repellent
  • Anti-inflammatory

Lavender Flowers~
  • Soothe insect stings and bites
  • Cooling after sun treatment
  • Rich in healing volatile oils

How To Make Your Own Lotions and Ointments

Beeswax Ointment Recipe~

1. Place 4 tbsp sunflower oil and 1 tbsp of grated beeswax into a heatproof bowl.

2. In a separate bowl, place 4 tbsp of strained herbal infusion or decoction. Place both bowls in a roasting pan and fill it with water, ensuring that the water does not overflow into the bowls.

3. Place the pan in a hot oven. When the water boils, turn down the heat. Remove the pan after the beeswax melts.

4. Allow to cool slightly for easier handling. Slowly pour the infusion into the oil and wax, whisking  with a hand whisk or blender. Pour into screw-top dark glass jars.

Herbal Lotion~

1. Place 2 tbsp of grated or finely chopped beeswax and 1/2 cup of unrefined olive oil into a heatproof basin.

2. Place the bowl in a pan of water. Gently bring the water to a boil and let it simmer, stirring occasionally until the beeswax melts.

3. Allow the mixture to cool slightly before adding 1-2 tbsp of chopped herbs to the ointment.

4. Pour the mixture into screw-top sterilized dark glass jars before the ointment sets.

5. Wait until the mixture cools before tightening the lids.

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