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Your Go To Guide For Making Your Own Bach Flower Remedies Pt. 4

Happy Hump day all!

Today we are going to finish up the 4-part series on your wild flower reference chart for making up your own Bach Remedies...I hope you have enjoyed these posts. I would love to hear about your searches for these wild flowers....were you able to find any? Have you made any Remedies yet? I would love to know!~


Wild Flower Reference Chart

Centaury (centauarium erythraea)

Uses: One of the Twelve Healers. For weakness of will and compliance with others' wishes. Can help build your confidence if you have an inability to say no.

Type Of Plant: Small annual; grows in chalky areas

Flowering Time: All summer

How To Gather: Pick small clusters of flowers

Which Method: Sun

Willow (salix vitellina)

Uses: For bitterness and self-pity based on unhappiness with the way your life has gone. Willow can help you regain faith and optimism and forgive and forget past injustices. It can also make it easier for you to praise others and not begrudge them happiness.

Type Of Plant: A deciduous variety of the common white willow, salix alba

Flowering Time: Spring

How To Gather: Pick 6 in. stems with catkins and new leaves from many trees

Which Method: Boiling

Rock Rose (helianthemum nummularium)

Uses: One of the Twelve Healers. A constituent of the Rescue Remedy. To regain calmness in an emergency.

Type Of Plant: Low-growing perennial.

Flowering Time: Spring to late summer

How To Gather: Pick open flowers and float immediately.

Which Method: Sun

Agrimony (agrimonia eupatoria)

Uses: One of the Twelve Healers. Can help if you hide problems behind light-heartedness instead of facing up to a painful reality.

Type Of Plant: Perennial plant growing up to 3ft. in height

Flowering Time: Throughout summer.

How To Gather: Pick whole spikes above dead or faded flowers, where there are a few unopened buds above the opened flowers.

Which Method: Sun

***Caution: Avoid if you suffer from chronic constipation****

Clematis (clematis vitalba)

Uses: One of the Twelve Healers and a constituent of the Rescue Remedy. For people living in a fantasy world.

Type Of Plant: Perennial climber

Flowering Time: Summer and early autumn

How To Gather: Pick flowers separately by the stalks

Which Method: Sun

Walnut (juglans regia)

Uses: For protection from outside influences and the inability to sever old ties. Helps you remain on your chosen path during important changes in your life.

Type Of Plant: Deciduous 10 ft. tree

Flowering Time: Spring

How To Gather: Pick 6 in. stems of female flowers and new leaves (female flowers grow upright at the end of shoots).

Which Method: Boiling

***Caution: Do not give to children under two years or to people with nut allergies****

Rock Water (hydrogen dioxide)

Uses: For severeness toward oneself, self-denial and rigidity. For high but flexible ideals

Type Of Plant: Not a plant, but pure water from a natural well or spring , preferably with a reputation for healing and located in open air.

How To Obtain: Choose a still, sunny day and fill a glass bowl. Leave for three hours away from pollutants such as traffic.

Which Method: Sun

***Caution: Do not use water from wells dedicated to saints or within the grounds of a church, or mineral-rich spa water****

Beech (fagus sylvatica)

Uses: One of the Twelve Healers. Decreases intolerance for the differences perceived in others that often manifests itself as irritability and antisocial behavior. Can encourage a more accepting attitude toward people and cultures.

Type Of Plant: Large deciduous tree that is capable of growing to over 100 ft. in height.

Flowering Time: Spring

How To Gather: Pick young shoots that are 6 in. long, with newly opened leaves carrying both male and female flowers. The male flowers hang in clusters, whereas the female flowers are covered in scales and later develop into covers for beech nuts.

Which Method: Boiling

White Chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum)

Uses: To clear a mind of unwanted thoughts that distract from the present. Clears your mind and gets your thinking under control.

Type Of Plant: Large deciduous tree growing to 100 ft in height

Flowering Time: Summer

How To Gather: Pick male and female flowers from the same stem.

Which Method: Sun

****Caution: Do not use leaf buds as these are used in the Chestnut Bud Remedy****

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