Monday, May 30, 2011

Are You Stressed? Take This Quick Stress Test And Find Out-It Could Save Your Life

How Stressed Are You?

When you go through daily life where stress is a daily occurrence, chances are that you don't always realize the effect it's having on you and your body. This is very dangerous, due to the fact that when the symptoms of stress are frequent enough,  you'll eventually convince yourself that these are normal feelings, and you will be less likely to deal with them.

The test below can help you see if you are stressed. If the results show you are, don't let that stress you; instead, look at the areas in your life that are causing the stress and work out a plan to calm these areas.

Alternative healing can be the best way to help facilitate your stress relief by targeting the symptoms and the underlying cause of a problem.

You have the option of using prescribed western medicine, though most have horrible side-effects and they tend to mask the problem, which then becomes a never-ending battle.

Some great alternative therapies include but are not limited to:








Shiatsu massage

As you see, there are many (so many more that are not included) different roads to relief to choose from, possibly more than you ever thought.

Healing Stress Test

The following test will ask you questions to which you pick the number that corresponds to your answer, add your score and then continue to the stress analysis scores to find out where your scores land you.

  1. Never
  2.  Sometimes
  3. Often
  4. Always


I find it hard to get up in the morning and go to work

I bottle up my feelings until I want to explode

I am tired all the time

I feel as though my work or family life is worthless

I am busy all the time, but I don't seem to get much done

I find it hard to sit and read, or take time to relax and pursue my hobbies

I tend to try to avoid confrontations or resolving difficult situations at work or at home

I find it hard to say no to people's requests

I regularly get colds, headaches or other illnesses

Stress Analysis

10-20 Points~When new or challenging situations arise, you take them in your stride. You manage stress well and don't let it get the better of you. But remember that too little stress can be unstimulating.

21-30 Points~You get stressed, but it's not causing you any major health or lifestyle problems. Prevent future problems by adopting some stress strategies.

31-40 Points~Your stress levels are dangerously high and your health is suffering. Reassess what's important to you. Reduce stress in your life and use some stress strategies to get calm and healthy.

Stress Relievers

Aromatherapy~Enjoy the relaxing, uplifting effects of essential oils by adding them to an oil burner, massage oil or warm bath. The best oils for de-stessing are lavender, bergamot, clary sage, german chamomile, rosewood and sandalwood.

Self-Massage~Give yourself a massage with blended oil using a bath mitt or brush. Swap massages with your partner or a good friend. Gentle massage relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain. It also rebalances the nervous system, helping you feel calm and regain perspective.

Meditation~By meditating, you focus your mind on one relaxing thought for a period of time. You can focus on your own breathing, an object such as a candle flame, a sound you make or a pleasant image you conjure in your mind. Sit or lie in a quiet place in order to meditate effectively. Adding scents like Frankincense, Myrrh and/or Benzoin are wonderful scents for meditation and mind relaxation.

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