Monday, October 25, 2010

Folklore of Herbs and Aromatherapy

morning Pictures, Images and PhotosIs it Monday already? Seemed like the weekend just flew by....

Today we are going to do something a wee bit different. I am going to dedicate a page to the folklore of herbs and aromatherapy.

I will post here and then permanantly post it on it's own page....



The Folklore & Magic of Aromatherapy oils

The Magic of Aniseed

  • A Revered herb of the ancient Middle East, Aniseed is one of the oldest spices to have been used for magical purposes.

  • The Ancient Romans believed Aniseed to be an aphrodisiac. Cakes flavored with the spice were served at the end of a marriage feast to relax nervous couples before they retired.

  • Aniseed was widely cultivated by monks in medieval gardens to  to be used in the monastery for its purifying properties, precipitating the herb's spread throughout Northern Europe.

  • Aniseed is reputed to avert the evil eye. It is also believed to deter venomous snakes such as vipers.

  • Aniseed was so valued in biblical times it was used to pay taxes and rents.

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