Friday, October 29, 2010

Healing With Rosemary

Good morning Pictures, Images and PhotosHappy Friday everyone! Do you all have wonderful plans for the weekend? Takin' the critters Halloween trick-n-treating? I think I will cuddle up on the couch with my better half and watch a movie...Now If I had my way it would be a scary movie....we'll see.

Today we are going to check out Rosemary, which is known as the herb of remembrance. It is used in aromatherapy treatments to invigorate and stimulate the mind, body and spirit.

Rosemary used to be handed to wedding guests to symbolize the bride and groom's love and fidelity....maybe we should do that in today's sometimes unfaithful on friends...



Healing With Rosemary

Long associated with improving and stimulating the mind and memory, Rosemary's impressive healing qualities make it an excellent tonic if you're felling physically, mentally and emotionally worn out.

Rosemary has an invigorating and warm scent that can clear your head and improve circulation. It has been cultivated for ornamental, medicinal, culinary and perfumery purposes for century.

Rosemary oil is antiseptic and antibacterial. It was often burned in sick chambers, and in some hospitals it is customary to burn it with juniper berries to aid convalescence.

Rosemary's ability to stimulate the adrenal glands makes it a good remedy for long -term depression and chronic illness, increasing your energy levels and zest for life.

Active Ingredients Of Rosemary

Antioxidants~Rosemary contains chemicals known as Diterpenes and Flavonoids, which promote fat breakdown and reduce the cellular damage that leads to aging. Flavonoids also improve circulation, especially to the scalp, promoting good memory and healthy hair.

Camphor~Rosemary oil contains Camphor, a stimulant that increases body heat in cold, tense and arthritic joints. It also works as an antiseptic.

Rosmaricine~This is a stimulate and mild pain reliever. it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can relax and ease sore and aching muscles.

Using Your Rosemary Oil

****You can add a few drops of this oil directly to your bathwater, but if using in massage on on your skin, dilute to a 3-5% solution in suitable base oil or cream****

To Improve Circulation

Rosemary oil combats poor circulation by increasing blood flow around the body. Avoid using Rosemary in the late evening as its stimulating properties may keep you awake!

Colds~This oils warming effects work especially well for combating upper respiratory ailments. Clear phlegm and catarrh from your head and chest by sniffing/inhaling.

Cellulite~Massage the affected area firmly with Rosemary oil. This will help to break down and disperse fatty deposits and prevent new ones from developing.

For Your Head & Hair

Rosemary stimulates the flow of blood to your head and scalp, encouraging both a keen mind and strong and glossy hair.

Exams~To improve your mental stimulation during study and exams, dab Rosemary oil on your pulse points at your wrists and temples.

Enrich Dark Hair & Help Dandruff~To enrich dark hair add 10 drops of your Rosemary oil to the water you use to wash your hair.

Head Lice~Rosemary's antiseptic and antibacterial properties will help you to prevent and kill head lice.

Glossy Hair~Sprinkle a few drops of Rosemary oil onto your hairbrush every morning.

I so love using Rosemary for my hair....makes it so much healthier!
Okay you Ghouls I won't see you 'til Monday, have a happy Halloween!

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