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The Different Ways To Take Bach Remedies

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The Different Ways To Take Bach Remedies

Bach Flower remedies can be taken from the stock bottle, or diluted in water. Though the brandy in which the remedies are preserved evaporates in heat, the essences still remain effective. You can take your remedies in a hot or cold drink. Only very small doses are required: two drops of a single remedy, or four drops of a combined remedy.

Unlike homeopathic remedies, which must be kept separately, Bach remedies can be stored with substances such as coffee or toothpaste and still exert their effects. The expiration date of stock bottles is five years; the essences are still effective after that, but the brandy will be reaching the end of its shelf life.

An Infinite Number Of Flower Combinations

Dr. Bach discovered 38 flower remedies, which are appropriate for a divers range of emotional and mental states; they are as relevant now as they were during their development in the 1930's.

People's lives may change with technological progress but the mental and emotional states that provide or hinder feelings of harmony and well-being still remain the same.

It's important to treat stress because it can affect your well-being, resulting in a lack of energy, pessimism and an impaired immune system. The combinations of states that can be treated by Bach remedies now number far more than the 38 original blends. Bach remedies are like the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow), as they can be combined in an infinite number of ways to produce a "spectrum" of healing remedies to treat all manner of health conditions.

Taking Your Bach Remedy

There are a number of ways to take Bach remedy dilutions, and the dosage depends upon the method.

Dilution Options~Take two drops of an undiluted Bach Flower remedy by dropping it onto your tongue; for Rescue Remedy , use four drops.

To dilute the remedies, add two drops to a dropper bottle containing 1oz of still spring water, or add two drops to a glass of fruit juice or a warm drink of your choice. The remedies are as effective whichever option you choose for your dilution.

Dosage~If you have diluted you Bach remedies, take four drops four times daily, if you add two drops to a drink, you can make more drinks containing the remedies every four hours. Stop taking the remedy when you feel better.

Safety Notes~The Bah remedies are completely sage to take, although if you are taking anti alcohol medication you should first consult your Doctor and take your remedies in a hot drink to evaporate the brandy.

Multiple Remedies~You can take up to nine different Bach Flower remedies at the same time, but generally it is recommended that you use seven remedies or less in one mixture to treat conditions. The best way to take multiple remedies is to put four drops of each in a 1oz bottle containing pure, still spring water; take four drops of the mixture four times daily.

Alternatively, you can take two drops of each undiluted remedy separately, but if you are using several, it is simpler to combine all of the flower solutions in one bottle. If you store your mixture in a similar way to your Bach remedies, it should last you about as long.

Sun vs Boiling~Edward Bach, during his quest to find the 38 remedies, believed the dew that formed on flowers growing in the Sun was much more potent than that found on flowers in the shade. He postulated that the Sun was an essential part of the extraction process and so developed the Sun method.

This was used for the first 19 remedies he discovered, the boiling method introduced for use only plants growing at a time of weak sunlight in Bach's native England.

Contraindications~The Bach Flower remedies are very safe to use and unlikely to cause any adverse reaction, as the ingredients are so gentle and pure. Occasionally, they can release suppressed feeling s as part of the healing process, which can generate a physical reaction such as a rash.

You should continue with the remedy as this initial reaction will calm down, but if you are unsure, check with your doctor or Bach practitioner.

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