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The Twelve Bach Remedy Healers

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The Twelve Bach Remedy Healers  

Edward Bach believed that everyone could be categorized into 12 personality types. Further, these personality types correspond with the Zodiac sign the Moon is in at the time of your birth, and therefore your Moon sign is the key to your personality.

Bach prescribed Twelve Healers, to correspond with the personality types:
  • Agrimony
  • Centaury
  • Cerato
  • Chicory
  • Clematis
  • Gentian
  • Impatiens
  • Mimulus
  • Rock Rose
  • Scleranthus
  • Vervain
  • Water Violet
These remedies spanned all qualities in all personalities, which in their negative state make you feel small and in their positive state enable the full empowerment of your spiritual nature.

Flower Remedies And Astrology

There are 38 flower remedies, including the Twelve Healers and Rescue Remedy. Bach intended each remedy to match a quality and help overcome negative ones and strengthen positive ones. The Twelve Healers are linked to key negative or positive tendencies.

The Moon governs your instincts and emotions, which is why Bach linked the Moon to his remedies, but he did not actually state which Zodiac sign corresponded to which of the Twelve Healers.

The following list is taken form Candy Hillenbrand's essay, Bach's View of Astrology: The Moon Sign and The Twelve Groups of Humanity,2000.

Moon Signs








Scorpio~Rock Rose



Aquarius~Water Violet


Using Bach's Twelve Healers

The Rescue Remedy~The Rescue Remedy is a combination of five:
  • Impatiens
  • Rock Rose
  • Clematis ( the Twelve Healers )
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Cherry Plum
It is one of the primary remedies as it can be used by all personality types and applied in all situations of shock, trauma or anxiety, while at the same time creating the capability for a healing process to be set in place.

The flower essences in Rescue Remedy are especially useful for stressful situations:

  •  Impatiens eases tension and irritability

  • Rock Rose fights feelings of terror and panic

  • Clematis has a grounding effect and brings you back down to earth when you feel "far away".

  • Star of Bethlehem can alleviate trauma and sensations of numbness

  • Cherry Plum combats the fear of losing control

Using Rescue Remedy

You can take four drops of rescue Remedy by dripping the essence directly on your tongue, and the tincture can also be used directly on your skin to soothe a rash or irritation. The Rescue Remedy cream should be an essential item of any cosmetic cabinet, as it is wonderfully soothing and helps prevent skin from reacting to stress.

You can even use Rescue Remedy to treat similar symptoms of stress that you see in the behavior of your pets or in unhappy-looking houseplants.

Correctly Match Your Remedy To Your Emotions

All Bach remedies can be combined safely, including the Twelve Healers. To benefit fully from their healing effects, select remedies whose emotional attributes are closes t o the ones you are feeling. Some remedies have similar benefits, so it is important to ascertain which is the closest match. For example, Honey suckle is used when you are aware of inertia and find it difficult to exist in the present, looking back to the past. Clematis is used for similar escapist tendencies, but with the focus on losing yourself in fantasies rather than daydreams.

The Twelve Healers

Agrimony~Concealing dark thoughts behind an outwardly cheerful facade.

Clematis~Daydreaming and a lack of grounding in everyday reality.

Centaury~Weak-willed and easily exploited.

Cerato~Having a lack of confidence in your decisions

Chicory~Possessive, with attention-seeking tendencies

Gentian~Easily discouraged and pessimistic.

Water Violet~For a sense of reserve and isolation and for displays of aloofness

Scleranthus~Fearful and timid, with specific anxieties

Impatiens~Impatient and irritable, with a tendency to be nervous

Rock Rose~Acute fear, panic and feelings of absolute terror

Vervain~Highly Strung temperament and intense hyperactivity


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