Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Hello there! In case you were here earlier today, you might have noticed I didn't have Tuesday's featured artist.

I forgot it was Tuesday.

Go ahead laugh...I am!!

Today I present to you a wonderful gal who had creative skills forming in the womb!

Some of the most creative, expressive artists have explored many different mediums, therefore finding, in the end, the one that fuels their passion.

So for your viewing pleasure, I present....

Stacey Peterson of Stormflight Designs!

Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed art in all its myriad forms.  My parents encouraged me to take every art class I could while growing up.  I started out with a magic-marker class and progressed through each medium of drawing and painting, and then into ceramics and bronze modeling.

 In my teens I began finding my style through fabric – clothing design and quilting where I strengthened my skills with a degree in Home Economics where I focused on fashion and clothing design.  I love geometric shapes, colors and the practicality of a nice warm quilt.

  It wasn’t until my family and I did some gem mining in North Carolina that I finally discovered how much I love gems and rocks…that's when my creative spark began to flame in a big way.  I finely found an art form I could sink my teeth into. 

 I took a gem faceting class and then realized I needed to learn how to set them into jewelry! So, my journey into the wonderful world of metal began and has become my passion.

You can find Stacey's beautiful creations at:

 (geeky jewelry)

 (all items from both etsy shops)



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