Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Featured Artist Tuesday!

 Happy Tuesday all!

I have a new Artisan to share with you today, she is a very "crafty" lady who loves helping out her fellow Artisan......So sit back and be dazzled by......

Diane of Diane's Dangles!

Crafting is a full time endeavor for me and my favorite is jewelry making. I started out by making beaded earrings then went on to necklaces. I found that working with my hands was a stress relief from my day job. It also was a way to express my love of color, gemstones and metal.

Sterling silver is my favorite metal so I started studying silversmithing and combined my bead work with my sterling silver pieces. Initially, I made jewelry as gifts for my family and friends and then moved on to sharing my artwork at Art and Craft shows here in Michigan. Currently, I work full time creating jewelry pieces and adding more and more of my jewelry artwork to my Artfire studio.

I also started a second studio on Artfire where I sell smaller packages of beads and findings so that my customers buy only what they need to complete their project and not have to spend a lot of money. I travel to different places and always end up finding a bead store or rock and mineral shop so I have quite the collection of unique gemstone and metal beads.

Just recently, I started a blog where I choose a theme and encourage artists to post their image and links so that they can get some extra exposure. Posting is open to anyone who knows about my blog as long as their product fits the theme. I enjoy doing my part in helping out our handmade community.

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