Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Featured Artist Tuesday!

G'morning everyone!

Are you ready for "Featured Artist Tuesday"? I hope so because we are in full swing here!

I am very excited to announce today's featured Artist....Even though I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, I can tell she woul have a lot of interesting things to share about life.

So without further ado, I present............

Tish proprietor of "Just a Tish Jewelry Designs!

Let's hear about her in her own words......

I have been making jewelry for 5 years and crafting all my life. It is always more fun to create than to buy it pre made retail, don't you think? If I had to choose, I would say wire working is my favorite. I love weaving patterns around stones and creating individual works of art.

There is a freedom when working with wire. You may have a design in mind, but the wire and the stone can conspire against you, and take it to a whole other place, but it always comes out beautiful! Like Bob Ross says - "There are never any mistakes, just happy little accidents!" Those are great words to live by in our lives as well  - don't dwell on the mistakes, use them as a stepping stone for your next journey. Embrace who you are and work with it. Don't hide behind social standards. Stand up and stand out!

Creating jewelry was another way for me to express who I was. I love jewelry, and have a passion for taking accessories to a new level. Sure that pendant matches your blouse, but what does it do your your mind, body and spirit? Why not make jewelry that accessorizes your whole being? Choose what you want to wear and then add some love, or some wisdom with your jewelry.

I have been blessed to have shown my work at two Art Council's, published in Bead Trends Magazine, on the catwalk at a local fashion show, and this year I am doing a joint show with my brother, creating jewelry inspired by his paintings. There is so much more in store! I can't wait!

I have the hardest time writing about myself, it always comes out hoakie, so to break it down:

I have been making jewelry for about 5 years.
I love working with the metaphysical properties of stones.
I love working with wire.
I am an avid animal activist.
Often give portions of my sales to help with different animal causes.
Prefer being outside walking rather than watching t.v.
Love my motorcycle :)

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