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What Is Homeopathy?

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What Is Homeopathy?

Western medicine assumes people fall ill due to disease and sickness, and uses drugs that tackle symptoms directly. Homeopathy assumes if people are ill they are out of balance and  their body is struggling to heal itself.

A remedy creating the symptoms of a particular disease in a healthy person will eradicate them in someone ill with the same disease. The more a remedy is diluted, the more potent it is . The ingredients, however, can be poisonous in the natural state, as can the undiluted "mother remedy". Minor ailments require a remedy only diluted to 6 centesimals(c) or 30c, whereas a long term complaint may require a dilution of 1 million centesimals(m). 

Many factores are considered in selection, such as emotional state and even reaction to the weather, so effects differ from person to person.

Treating Minor Ailments At Home

A professional homeopath is necessary to treat long-standing or serious complaints. But many minor complaints can be as easily treated at home. These include:

Fear~Silvernitrate or gelsenuim is used.

Minor Injury~Arnica will help bruising swelling and bleeding.

Female Ailments~Use actea for menstrual and pregnancy problems.

Children~Chamomile helps colic and teething; calcium phosphate is good for "growing pains".

Emotion~Use phosphorus for nervous tension, sepia for hormonal imbalance and gold for depression.

Homeopathic Remedies For Your Medicine Chest

Homeopathic Gels~Some homeopathic medicines, for example arnica and calendula, are available in gel form. These remedies are for external problems such as bruises, burns, bites and stings and skin irritation.

Gels provide an easy way to apply the remedy directly to the problem, though the is does not work for all ailments - some require an orally applied remedy.

Homeopathic Capsules~Homeopathic remedies are most commonly available in capsule or tablet form to be used in the case of illnesses that require internal application of the remedy. The tablets are generally very small, which makes them easy to store in your handbag or medicine chest.

Homeopathic Tinctures~Tinctures can be applied in many ways, depending on the complaint and the remedy. You should always check the packaging carefully to make sure you are using the tincture properly and that your dosage is correct - potency will differ according to dilution.

Some tinctures are taken internally and work in a similar manner to tablets. Others are taken as eye drops, ear drops or are applied to a problem area using a compress. Many serve the same purposes as a gel. All treatments come form an initial mother tincture, which is diluted until the correct dilution is reached.

Your Homeopathy Kit~You can easily build your own homeopathy medicine kit at home; indeed, many health food stores now offer complete kits. You can also buy specially designed remedies for particular conditions, which have been formulated with homeopathic remedies most useful for the complaint.

  • You should never attempt to make homeopathic remedies yourself, as many remedies are distilled from plants and herbs that are toxic in their natural form and may cause you serious harm.

  • Remedies come in a variety of dilutions, so consult a homeopath to check which dilution is best for your symptoms. A good rule of thumb is that the  more diluted a remedy is, the higher its potency. Pay attention to how often a remedy must be taken, as homeopathy works best in small does infrequently. Remedies bought from health stores are generally safe, even in pregnancy and for children. Choose a variety for your kit to prepare for all eventualities.

  • Ledum is handy for bites and stings, bryonia for headaches and nausea, urtica for burns and scalds, silica for infections and spots, euphrasia for eye complaints and ruta grav for pulled muscles.

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