Thursday, September 2, 2010

IndieSmiles Charity Birthday Bash to Benefit The ASPCA

IndieSmiles is holding an ASPCA Charity Birthday Bash! Check it out..Help the animals, enter the contest..all info is below......

Come join our Charity Birthday Bash!

There are two ways to be a part of the celebration!

1)Enter the contests (one for Pets and one for Handmade) by donating $5.00 using the paypal donate button on the left. This is a must! Then you can go to the Pet Page or the Handmade Page and upload a pic!

One pic can be uploaded for each donation, simple as that!

There is an incentive to donate and upload a pic, the top prize winner will receive the items below for each category!!

2)Vote! No donation is necessary to vote. So, have fun choosing your favorite Pet or favorite handmade item. Again, very simple!


Here is how you can help the animals and be a part of the Birthday Bash. You can make a $5.00 donation to ASPCA. 100% of everything donated will go to ASPCA minus the PayPal fee. It’s easy, just go to the ASPCA button at the top left-hand corner of the page.

Then you can upload your picture(s), we are offering two categories to those who donate! One is Pets and the other is Handmade items.

Learn more about ASPCA and how they’ve enriched the lives of many people by providing them with lovely pets and how they’ve helped thousands of animals find wonderful homes. Read how one of our own columnists and a prize donator enriched their lives and how they obtained homeless pets from ASPCA. Now it’s time for us go give back and help ASPCA to help the animals! A simple donation of only $5.00 gets you into the contest, and collectively we can make a huge difference in the lives of many animals!We are offering the Pet Voting Page and the Handmade Voting Page. Donating is not necessary to vote, only to upload a pic, but any donation is appreciated!

Please click on link for more info and to enter and see prizes!
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