Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making Aromatherapy Inhalers

G'morning all!! What a nice 3 day weekend ey? I *hope* you all had a great Labor Day! Well I am almost all the way awake....got my cup of java and I am rarin' to go....so please relax...and see what today's post has in store for you....


Making Aromatherapy Inhalers

Most aromatherapy oils will evaporate relatively quick if left in open air, which allows you to inhale them directly from the bottle or from a few drops sprinkled on a hanky. It's a great idea to carry tissues and a small bottle of oil in your pocket, you have instant relief from blocked stuffed up noses, travel sickness or maybe those darn nerves you may experience before an exam or job interview.

Inhaling is the most effective way to absorb the volatile ingredients in oils, which are the most active constituents. Direct inhalation can be beneficial to many conditions but is commonly used for colds and flu. Sniffing the oil helps keep sinuses clear, eases congestion, brings up phlegm and eases a good headache. Inhaling is also good for headaches, tension and asthma.


If you have epilepsy, do not inhale Fennel, Rosemary or Sage. Check contraindications if you have Asthma.
Be careful with undiluted oils close to eyes.
If pregnant, do not inhale chamomile, Frankincense, Basil, Cedarwood, peppermint, Clary, Sage, Melissa, Cypress, Jasmine, Juniper, Thyme, Myrrh, Geranium Marjoram or Rosemary

Best Oils To Use

Eucalyptus~The cooling, head-clearing aroma of Eucalyptus is excellent for colds and flu, and for easing aches and pains

Lavender~The calming and refreshing aroma if lavender helps ease stress and tension and is good or headaches and insomnia

Peppermint~ The sharp and head-clearing aroma of Peppermint is good for colds and for digestive upsets and you for when you need an extra boost of energy

Ylang Ylang~The intoxicating, warming aroma of Ylang Ylang is ideal for relaxing and dealing with stress and insomnia

Rosemary~ The invigorating, warming aroma of Rosemary eases fatigue, stress, headaches and colds

A cool trick for inhaling oils from a hanky when you're driving~Secure the hanky over the vent of your cars air-conditioner..

You can also use the oils as a chest-rubs to clear your chest and throat.

Stimulating Rub
  • 5 drops Pine
  • 5 drops Eucalyptus
  • 10 drops Lavender
  • 4 tbsp Sweet Almond oil
Relaxing Rub
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 5 drops Marjoram
  • 10 drops Lavender
  • 4 tbsp Sweet Almond oil

Well chickadees, this concludes today's installment.....*hope* you grabbed some helpful info here!


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