Thursday, September 2, 2010

Using Steam Inhalation

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Using Steam Inhalation

The faster oils evaporate, the faster you can breath in their healing properties. Combine them with steam to cleanse your skin and clear your airways


Even without the addition of oils, steam helps to open your skin's pores, aiding the expulsion of toxins and clearing blockages caused by your body's natural oils. It also assists in breaking down mucus in the nasal passages and sinuses, clearing congestion.

Steam inhalations are especially effective for treating skin conditions such as acne and clearing phlegm and catarrh (inflammation of the nose and throat with increased production of mucus) build up in the respiratory tract.

The Best Oils To Use In Steam Inhalations

Choose oils that have strong decongestant and detoxing properties, such as:

Eucalyptus~Soothes inflammation in the respiratory tract, while it's antiviral action clears catarrh(see definition above)

Ginger~Has antiseptic, expectorant and stimulating actions

Grapefruit~Good for detox; stimulates the lymphatic system

Juniper Berry~Has detoxifying and diuretic properties

Lavender~Promotes the growth of new skin and helps to balance oil production

Lemon~Cleanses and purifies

Tea Tree~Stimulates your immune system to fight off viral infections by activating white blood cells. Also strongly antiseptic, so good for skin

Now that I have showed you what to use, lets look at preparing a steam inhalation..

1. Fill a large heatproof bowl with steaming water. If you would rather, you can use your kitchen or bathroom sink.

2. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to the steaming water. There is no need to dilute them with a base oil first as the water and steam will act as carriers.

3. Using a towel to seal in the vapors, lean over the bowl/sink. Take deep breaths continually for about 10 minutes.

If you don't have essential oils on hand...a few slices of Lemon plus some fresh or dried herbs will just fine!

Well I *hope* today's post has you runnin' to love your skin!!  Next post will be on Making Aromatherapy Compresses! Have a great day and take care of yourselves, it's your job and nobody elses!
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