Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Featured Artist Tuesday!

Merry Tuesday Everyone!

I just want to say, before we begin, how honored I am to be able to feature so many great artists.

 With so much corporate mishandling of the people's trust, I believe it is more important then ever to support your local (and not so local ) handcraft artisans. Not only do you have better pricing, due to lower over-head costs, you also know your item was made with love instead of machines mass producing.

With that I present today's

...........Judy Goddard

My name is Judy Goddard. I’ve been an artist all of my life. From the
time that I was able to hold a pencil!

I’ve drawn on just about anything I could find, like the side of the hamper. the venetian blinds, but mostly the margins of my school papers.

As an adult I started my career as an artist by batiking T shirts. I put myself through community college.

After several other less than successful artistic endeavors, I tumbled into Etsy. I was equally less than successful for the first year and a half.

 Then, in November of 2009, my Godmother asked me to paint a cane for her. She wanted it covered with Christian symbols.

She instantly loved it and the more she showed it around the more folks asked me to paint one for them!

Now, with the canes and my handmade, hand painted canvas growth charts I feel like I’ve finally “figured” it out!

I’m planning on extending my exposure and including high end craft shows to my opportunities to bring beautiful and functional artwork to a population that continues to grow.

You can find Judy's wonderfully unique items @:


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