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What You Need To Know About Detox Side Effects

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The last couple of posts, I have been sharing detox methods with you; it is time to now share information to help you understand the side effects that can happen if you over detox.

It is important, as with any new program, to first talk with your doctor or nurse practitioner, especially if you are on medications. After you and your doctor eliminate any possibility of medication interaction, you can start slowly with your detox program.


What You Need To Know About Detox Side Effects

Your body can naturally eliminate many toxins and ,if you take good care of yourself, can manage quite well on its own. However, with a busy lifestyle it's easy to overindulge in food and drink, and sometimes its impossible to escape smoke, smog and exhaust, never mind the 100,000 new chemical that have been released into the environment in the last 50 years.

The best way to make sure you don't detox excessively is by targeting areas and following a set routine. You should remember that your body may no be used to some of the activities or remedies suggested and there may be some nasty side effects. Always start slowly to avoid discomfort.

Symptoms Of Detox

There are many benefits to embarking on a detox program, but you need to be aware of the common side effects. This is not to say you will definitely experience them, but it's best to be forewarned and prepared to avoid any undue upset.

Some effects include:
  • Feelings of weakness
  • Headache and nausea
  • Loss of body heat
  • Unfocused vision
  • Irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, constipation due to loss of fluids
  • Weight loss
  • Rashes and Blemishes

Such symptoms shouldn't disrupt your day and are usually short-term. Be sure to stay rested and hydrated; i you suffer severe reactions, these could be a symptom of something else-so consult your doctor.

How To Avoid Detox Side Effects

Avoiding Emotional Stress~It is important you avoid disruptions to your normal mood and emotional state while you're following a detox program. You may be feeling less than 100% while your body purges toxins and you may be ill-prepared to deal with stress.

A recent study concluded that harsh words and hot-tempered exchanges between spouses weaken the immune systems of both partners. Explosive anger can cripple your immune system in the short term and have its own side effects, but a milder expression of irritation will often soften the argument and lead to a form of resolution.

You're trying to be good to yourself by detoxing , so this could be an excellent time for you to reflect on how you deal with emotionally stressful situations, at home, at work and at large.

Spring Cleaning Your Home~You've heard the saying  "Clean home, clean mind". Next time you decide that it's time for some spring cleaning, make sure you really are cleaning away the cobwebs and toxins instead of welcoming more in. This is especially vital to keep in mind when you detox because you may be more susceptible to these factors- ones you can actually control.

The air in your home can have up to 20 times more pollutants than the  air outside, but you can combat this by monitoring what you bring into your home.

First, make sure you take your shoes off in the hall as they can track in all kinds of pollutants from the sidewalk. Next, pay attention to what extras are included with a new carpet, paint or furniture; fumes and fire retardants can cause headaches, but airing out your house will help get rid of that "new smell". Next, buy non-aerosol, people and environmental friendly cleaning products - there is a variety of effective products available. Finally keep your home truly "green" with the inclusion of houseplants to keep the atmosphere fresh.

Grin And Bear It

During your detox there might be a day or two where you feel you're not looking your best, so take heed. When was the last time you washed your washcloth or cleaned your makeup brushes? These tools can carry bacteria and need to be washed or replaced regularly. Your skin may have heightened sensitivity during detox, so investigate the ingredients in your soap, shampoo and lotions.

Keep harsh detergents and alcohols to a minimum; a good lather doesn't always mean a great clean and it may strip away your body's natural oils ( that sound that makes you think your hair is "squeaky clean" is actually your hair stripped of it's oils).

When you moisturize opt for Shea butter or almond oil, which don't have preservatives such as parabens or scary additives.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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