Friday, December 3, 2010

Featured Blogger Fridays!

Hello there!

I had a thought earlier today ( I know, scary huh? ), I was thinking, I feature artists on Tuesdays; bloggers are artists too yes?

Then it occured to me that it would really be kewl to give them their own page as well......

So it begins.....


Today's featured blogger is........

Meg Author of "Digital Philanthropy"!

After moving slowly southwards for most of my adult life, I live at the bottom of the South Island.  If I moved much further south, I would end up in Antarctica ... so I intend to stop now and stay where I am.
I have two kids, an ex-husband, foolish dog, a couple of chickens and a wayward cat.

I am passionate about the value of community and am fully immersed in revitalising the community I live in.  Its had a hard couple of decades!  I help run a monthly community market, and produce the local community newspaper ... among other less glamourous sounding things!

I try and live a sustainable life, am passionate about social justice issues - ya know, poverty, equality, etc etc etc - and am of the opinion that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place!  I believe strongly in the value of kindness and compassion.

Oh, and I really, really like chocolate!! (and here's some other stuff I like)

Author of:
Digital Philanthropy
How to Make a Difference Community

Meg is a really nice lady, head is screwed on beautifully! lol...
So how about showing your love and visiting her sites!?!

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