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Herbal Remedies For Concentration

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If you are anything like me and a whole bunch of other people in this world, you need help with concentration. Today I am going to share some herbal remedies to you stay focus and keep on tract.


Herbal Remedies For Concentration

Problems with concentration can be the result of fatigue, dietary imbalance or a side effect of some illnesses. The first step is to look for the cause; if it is tiredness that makes you feel disoriented, try to go to bed earlier - the sleep you have before midnight is more refreshing.

Arrange to have an evening o "me time" each week, to take time to replenish your energy. Check your diet - keep a food diary for a week in order to decide which changes are needed. Check how much alcohol you drink as this can impair concentration.

Alongside these steps, you can use herbal miracles, such as dandelion, sage and ginger, and nourishing foods to build up your strength and help to clarify your thought processes.

Stress, Anxiety And Concentration

Stress and anxiety can seriously impair your concentration because when you are worrying , your focus is always partly on the problem on your mind rather than the task oat hand. This makes it difficult to focus fully on anything else, and your mind feels fuzzy and your thought processes dissipated.

For example, this can often happen if you are trying to study for an exam or if you are working hard to meet an important deadline. Your unease and nervousness are always at the back of your mind, causing your thoughts to wander.

If you are stressed and can't concentrate, take some steps to ease this if possible. Use herbs to relax and if you can talk someone you trust so that you don't feel alone with the problem.

Help yourself work gradually through the stress with herbs that allow you to think more clearly and feel mentally fresh and bright.

Herbs That Help Concentration

Rosemary~This herb is invaluable for increasing your powers of concentration. It is a tonic for exhaustion or for fatigue after illness and also helps to lift the spirits if you are feeling low.

You can boil rosemary in water to make a tea, or add a sprig of it to your bathwater.

Rosemary will lift your mood due to its antidepressant properties.

Thyme~Among its other properties, thyme is antibacterial, sedative, stimulant and tonic. It is a useful herb for when you are recuperating from illness and helps to ease symptoms of depression.

Thyme makes alcohol taste very unpleasant, so if you are intending to cut down on your intake, put two tbsp of thyme in hot water, infuse for 30 minutes, then drink.

To improve your brain power, add thyme to recipes especially those with fish.

Sage~As sage is able to improve the function of most of the organs in the body, it can help to boost your concentration. Drink sage tea, burn the dried leaves of this plant as a natural incense that will aid concentration, or rub the leaves into powder and add to hot water.

You should avoid this herb if you're pregnant

Burdock~This herb is a bitter tonic that is digestive, cleansing and purifying. The cleansing action of burdock helps to clear your head and increase your concentration.

If you are convalescing, the whole plant can be used in an infusion as it treats so many aspects of the body.

For a mental or concentration boost, make tea with the leaves.

Dandelion~It may be viewed as a nuisance weed, but dandelion has tremendous healing properties.

Use dried dandelion root boiled in water for five minutes to make a "dandelion coffee" that will perk you up without caffeine.

Dandelion is a more useful healer than its reputation implies.

Ginger~Gingers warming and stimulating properties aid concentration as well as boosting your entire system.

Add grated ginger to your cooking or boil it in water for five minutes then drink it with a small dash of honey for an instant energy lift.

Ginger And Burdock Olive Oil

This pretty, homemade herbal olive oil works on your whole system and gives you a welcome energy boost. It also highly aromatic, tastes great and makes a wonderful present if preserved in a beautiful bottle.

To prepare, you will need:

  • 1 Bottle cold-pressed virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 inch section ginger
  • Sprig of burdock

1. Finely chop the ginger and the sprig of burdock, which should include both the twig and leaves.

2. Add the ginger and burdock to the bottle of oil.

3. Cap and shake well.

4. Allow the oil to infuse for at least a week, then use it on salads, and in dishes to give your concentration a regular boost.

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