Thursday, December 16, 2010

Herbal Remedies To Increase Vitality

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Today I am going to share some herbal remedies to increase your vitality, I am sure we all need some of that; especially this time of year.

So grab your coffee or tea and read on m'friends....


Herbal Remedies To Increase Vitality

Having extra energy  brings with it an increased zest for life; a lack of energy makes even everyday tasks seem like hard work. As well as being physically debilitating, it can make you feel quite depresses, as your mental and physical energy tend to mirror each other.

Herbs can increase your vitality, but it's also important to find out what's causing your energy dips. For example, if you've been ill, you need to build yourself up and allow your body to recover; herbs such as echinacea can boost your system and speed up the healing process. A good diet and adequate exercise can increase your energy quotient and stimulate you both mentally and physically, leaving you feeling and looking renewed.

Ways To Get A Boost

Make sure that you include plenty of energy boosting ingredients in your diet. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, such as orange,apple, carrot and cranberry, help to cleanse toxins out of your system and increase your vitamin intake. Eat at least five portions of fresh vegetables daily. Exercise regularly, even if it just involves a brisk walk each day' activity increases your energy level, builds muscle tone and elevates your mood.

Avoid foods with a high processed sugar content and artificially raised levels of stimulants Chocolate might make you feel more energetic but this is temporary and brings a slump later as your body's blood sugar levels drop dramatically. The same can be said for commercial energy drinks, which contain extremely high levels of caffeine and artificial stimulants. Consuming these products for energy starts a cycle of low energy and poor diet, always leaving you needing more artificial supplements to give you an extra boost.

Herbs For Increasing Your Vitality

Onion~Onions have medicinal properties and you should add an onion to your diet whenever you can to boost energy. Use them raw in salads and include them in healthy stir-fries or casseroles and soups.

If you are concerned about your breath after eating onions, you can chew fresh parsley or peppermint afterwards. These add to the vitality giving properties of the onions as well as keeping breath fresh.

 Sage~The medicinal properties of sage are called on for many different purposes. Fevers, sore throat, and digestive problems can all be treated with sage remedies, For increasing vitality, soak 1/2 cup of sage leaves in 4 cups of red wine for week. Once you think it's ready, strain and drink two glasses in the evenings before retiring.

Sage can also be drunk as a hot or cold tea made from fresh leaves. Mixed with honey, this is a common beverage among the Bedouins and is offered as invitation to their hospitality. You can burn sage leaves as incense to purify and fragrance your home.

Grapes~Grapes are very healthy for your body. As part of a detox diet, they enable you to purify your system; eat grapes instead of candy and use them as a healthy snack. Grapes are a frequent gift for invalids, as they are easily digested and provide instant, easily absorbed energy.

Drinking a glass of wine a day can help to prevent heart disease by cleaning the arteries, though it is inadvisable to overindulge. Moderation improves your vitality without the unpleasant side effects of a hangover.

Strawberry~As well as being delicious, strawberries give you energy. Eat them for breakfast with plain Greek or bio yogurt to start the day off with an instant vitality boost.

You can also buy herb teas with added strawberries.

Ginseng~This is a wonderful herb for increasing vitality. But it should only be taken for up to three weeks at a time to be most effective. It is a natural source of steroids -estrogen - and helps raise your body's immunity.

You can buy it as tea, tablets or capsules or in liquid form. To give yourself an extra lift, take ginseng in the morning and Royal Jelly last thing at night.

Gentian~Gentian is a bitter herb that purifies the blood. Make gentian tincture by infusing a tsp. of powdered gentian in a quart of water overnight, then refrigerate it.

You can drink a cupful before meals, adding honey to sweeten the taste.

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